A greater voice for our members at the societal level

Advocacy is one of the EAUC's transformative goals and is one of the main pillars of our organisational strategy [LINK TO STRATEGY]. We aim to support, educate and inform leaders of institutions and society about the value of sustainability and advocate for a sustainable future. We will do this by harnessing our longevity and reputation alongside that of our membership base to provide the sector with a credible and knowledgeable voice.

Our advocacy work has three overall aims: 

  • To encourage and support regional networks of sustainability leaders from member institutions to influence sustainability in their communities.
  • To use our voice to raise the profile of post-16 education’s role in achieving sustainability, including within  industry  and governmental bodies.
  • To elevate the profile and value of members as agents of change through our offer of professional development and ongoing support.

Explore and learn more about our advocacy work. 

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