Regions & Branches

Local and regional networking starts here!

EAUC Regions are a group of EAUC Educational Members united by geographical location and a desire to promote the cross-sector sharing of best practice. With growing numbers of EAUC Member institutions and individual contacts within them, it’s vital that the interests of all Members are voiced at both a regional and national level. For the Members themselves, having a ‘friend’ locally that understands the pressures specifically felt by that Region is powerful.

With networking being one of the most valued benefits of EAUC Membership, we have responded to this need. EAUC is dedicated to developing Regional Groups to achieve this. Regions form a conduit to the EAUC and work actively to promote its work and objectives to current and prospective Members within their locality.

EAUC’s role is to facilitate this flow of information throughout the UK and Ireland and to bring value to the Regions by integrating them with larger EAUC projects, knowledge, funding opportunities, resources, discounted events and other opportunities.

The success of these groups is crucial to EAUC's delivery of its mission and vision so we have recently reviewed the role of these groups and the vital support we must offer them to allow them to function efficiently and to offer wider Membership value.  

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Map of EAUC regions

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