Introduction to EAUC Regions

EAUC Branches and Regions

We currently have eight Regions. It is vital that each Region is represented so the EAUC is working to address this.

We also have a number of EAUC Branches which differ from Regions in many ways but their operations and the support they’re offered is similar.

Branches are countries eg Wales rather than sub-national divisions eg South Wales. They are defined differently under the EAUC constitution and with this comes certain rights. Branches have the right to a Convenor and this Convenor has a right to sit on the EAUC Board of Trustees. This ensures the activity of these branches is incorporated in the strategic governance of the organisation.

The EAUC currently has 3 Branches: England, Wales and Scotland/Ireland (combined).

For more information, visit the following pages:
Regional Convenors
Regional meetings
Supporting the Regions

Benefits of Regional groups

There are many benefits to being part of an EAUC Regional Group:

• Benefiting from local efficiencies such as shared contracts
• Uniting higher and further education in powerful unison and encourages collaboration and schemes such as buddying
• Encouraging collaborative learning, sharing of best practice and useful resources
• Sharing of challenges, pressures and problems which can be overcome through discussion and group working. For Regions, this can often be local Government legislation and decision-making.
• Groups often have the power to bring in speakers for regular workshop sessions. (The EAUC Executive Office can also support this.)
• Local networking opportunities
• Working together to obtain funding which is often more successful than individual requests

Regions will meet physically and operate virtually for the benefit of all EAUC Members. It’s vital that the Regions engage frequently with the EAUC to share the knowledge and learning taking place from within the group so it can promote and share this insight with the wider Membership base.

Regions can be made up of EAUC Members and non-Members. However, the EAUC can support Regions more comprehensively if all Members of the Region are also EAUC Members. This also means that all Regional Members can access all the benefits of EAUC Membership putting them on an even keel and united under one umbrella.

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