Educational Members Network

The Educational Members Network is the EAUC email forum. It lets you ask questions, share and learning with your peers across EAUC membership.

Perhaps you have a question about which is the best sustainable printer or what other institutions are doing with their waste or clarifying what the legislation is? Whatever your question is why not join the Members Network and ask the people who know and who are trying to achieve the same things that you are.

Join the online community

There is no access for students or staff at student unions on this JISCMail. 

You can also get involved with other EAUC activities by joining our Regional groups, Community of Practice and Topic Support Networks.

About JISCMail

The National Academic Mailing List Service (JISCMail) facilitates the sharing of knowledge within the UK centered community using email and the web. The development of specialist mailing lists enables the delivery of high quality and relevant content to benefit learning, teaching and research communities.

JISCMail aims to support topical discussion, wide collaboration and rapid communications, providing a means to share experiences, enhance collaboration, aid research, make new contacts and keep up to date with advancements in your field.

User Guide

• How to search for previous discussions
We know that there are many topics that come up regularly on the discussion networks so here is a quick and easy guide on how to search for previous discussions:
1. Go to and click on ‘Subscribers Corner’
2. Click on the discussion network you would like to search – for example ‘EAUC-Members’ is the list for the Member Discussion Network
3. The three ‘Latest messages’ are shown in a box near the top of the page. Click the message to read the entire post.
4. To search the list for a particular topic use the 'Search Archive' box on the right-hand side of the screen. Type the keyword/s you would like to search for and this will bring up a list of all posts containing that word/phrase.
5. You can further refine your search by adding parameters.

• Warning: If you click reply to a message that is sent via a network your message may be sent to the whole list. Only do this if it is of interest to numerous members to see your message. If not, then please communicate privately by clicking forward and pasting their email address in the To: field. If you receive a number of useful replies privately then it can be helpful to edit and send them on to the wider network.

• You can temporarily suspend your list membership, for example if you go on holiday or are out of the office for a long period. To do this, go to and select ‘Subscribers Corner’, select the name of the network, scroll down to ‘miscellaneous’ and choose ‘mail delivery disabled temporarily’. Once you return to the office, remove the tick to begin receiving emails once more.

• You can receive the messages in a digest format by clicking on ‘Subscribers Corner’ and under the section of ‘Subscription Type’ is an option of ‘Digest’.

• You can leave the network at any time by simply sending the following message: Unsubscribe [insert name of group] to the following email address:

• Please note that the list is not moderated. Please feel free to use this resource for information as well as for discussion, queries and feedback. Use of the list is on the condition that requests for information received are not Freedom of Information Requests.

JISCmail is hosted by the Joint Information Systems Committee.

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