We are pleased to be able to report on our carbon use annually - please click on the links below for our latest report. We calculate our staff and Board business travel, workstation energy use, home energy use and travel energy use. We also report on other carbon use but this is based on assumptions.

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Key Facts

  • We have 2 offices, our headquarters at University of Gloucestershire and our Scotland office at Queen Margaret University. As both of our offices are within an institution we share many services such as postal, telephone and cleaning services as well as utilities

  • Due to our shared offices some of our services are controlled by our host institutions such as lighting and water and we are unable to measure these separately.

  • Staff commuting is not included in the figures

  • Our recycling and landfill waste are collected centrally by our host institutions therefore we have an annual waste audit and base an assumption on this for the year

  • We include the travel incurred by our Trustees#

  • We highlight our sustainability ethos throughout each of our strategic aims and we report to our Board of Trustees

#based on reimbursements so any travel not reimbursed is not included

For relative carbon baselining,  we represent our carbon using the recommended reporting method by HEFCE as commissioned in the SQW report. We identify total Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of staff, and the total income as reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It is also considered appropriate to report against the changes in size of the physical assets and include gross internal area (GIA).

Reporting scope Office Area (m2) Electricity Gas and water Travel Waste Procurement

HQ, Cheltenham


Tenant within
office space
with little or
no control
of Electricity
or means
to measure
Desk usage
is monitored
via socket

space with
little or no
of Gas/water or
means to

All travel is
based on
of mileage
and using
Defra conversions  Tenant within
office space
with no means
to measure

Waste audit
and assumptions
based on this
for the year

Accurate data
for procurement
areas is
not available
at this time but
adheres to our
purchasing policies

Scotland Office


* Office area is calculated using sole purpose office space and shared office space such as toilet and kitchen area
** Our Scotland office is part of an open plan office so this figure is calculated based on average FTE space in our Headquarters

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