We are pleased to be able to report on our carbon use annually - please click on the links below for our latest report.

We have reported our carbon from 2012.

We moved to being a home-based organisation in 2021 and from 2022 we will calculate our homeworking emissions based on the Ecoact Homeworking Emissions Whitepaper. We also calculate our staff and Board business travel. 

Click here to view our Sustainability Policy

Key Facts

  • We are a homebased organisation so all of our staff work from home. We do not have any offices
  • Staff and Board travel are included in the figures (based on reimbursements so any travel not reimbursed is not included)
  • We annually report to our members in our Annual Report and at our AGM
  • We highlight our sustainability ethos throughout each of our strategic aims and we report to our Board of Trustees
  • We offset our carbon through the Carbon Coalition
  • We annual report to the UN Climate Neutral Now

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