Carbon Report 2019

It is our aim to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible, however as it happens with any other organisation, we still have a carbon footprint. We continue to offset this using Climate Care. We will offset 16 tonnes of CO2 for the 2019 impact report (16,036kgCO2). We chose Climate Care, based on their recognition as world leaders in the carbon offset market. Moreover, we want to ensure that we establish partnerships with stakeholders that do not only aim to reduce carbon footprint, but also to improve lives in the areas in which they operate.

2019 Results

  • Our carbon footprint has increased by 9% and now sits at 16 tonnes for the 2019 period
  • The main increase in our carbon footprint is due to a higher number of staff employed in 2019
  • We have also been relocated to a bigger office hence higher energy usage for heating and lightning
  • Our staff full time equivalent (FTE) increased from 9.37 to 11.09
  • Average carbon emissions per FTE staff member is 1,446kg CO2 which is 8% less than in 2018
  • Less than 7% of our waste goes to landfill.

Carbon Summary

Staff (FTE) Total Carbon Emissions (kgCO2) Carbon 
Emissions per FTE (kgCO
Income per
annum £
Carbon Emis- sions per unit of income (kgCO2/£) GIA (m2)
2018 9.37 14,757 1,574 637,734 0.0231 259
2019 11.09 16,036 1,446 599,093 0.03 281
% increase/ decrease 18.35% 8.67% -8.18% -6.06% 15.68% 8.67%

​For the relative carbon baselining, we are representing our carbon using recommended reporting method by as commissioned in the SQW report. We have identified the total Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of staff, and the total income as reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It is also appropriate to report against the changes in size of the physical assets and include gross internal area (GIA). 

Breakdown of our carbon 2019 2018 Variance
KgCO2 % KgCO2 % KgCO2 %
Waste 28 0.17% 20 0.13% 8 43%
Water 43 0.27% 36 0.24% 7 18%
Heating and lighting 4,215 26.28% 3,835 25.99% 380 10%
Travel 11,002 68.61% 10,270 69.59% 732 7%
Domestic 5,498 34.29% 6,193 41.97% -694 -11%
International 5,503 34.32% 4,077 27.63% 1,426 35%
Electricity 749 4.67% 597 4.04% 152 26%
Total 16,036 100.00% 14,757 100.00% 1,279 9%

We calculate our staff and Board business travel, workstation energy use and working at home energy use. We also report on other carbon use which is based on reporting scope as highlighted below:  


Reporting scope Office Area (m2) Electricity Gas Water Travel Waste Procurement  
45.12* Meter reader used to measure consumption. Meter reader used to measure consumption Tenant within office space with little or no control of water or means to measure  consumption All travel is based on estimates of mileage and using Defra conversions Tenant within office space with no means to measure consumption.
Waste audit undertaken and assumptions are based on this for
Accurate data for procurement areas is not available
at this time but adheres to our purchasing policies
        the year    


* Office area is calculated using sole purpose office space, toilet and kitchen

** Our Scotland office is part of an open plan office, so this figure is calculated based on average FTE space in our Headquarters

All business activities including staff and Board travel, workstation energy use, home working energy use, travel energy use, waste, water, lighting and heating is recorded.
Due to moving offices, some of our services are now controlled by us such as heating, lighting and electricity.
The host institutions collect the recycling and landfill waste centrally, so we have an annual waste audit and base an assumption on this for the year.
We include the travel incurred by our trustees (based on reimbursements, so any travel that is not reimbursed will not be included).

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