How to promote your EAUC membership

There are many ways and resources available for you to promote your EAUC Membership and highlight your institution's commitment to sustainability both internally and externally. These resources and templates can be used to show the benefits available to all of your members of staff and students.

We thought we would tell you about 5 simple steps you could take as well as illustrating examples of how institutions are doing this successfully.

1. Write an article on your membership to include on your website, portal, intranet or newsletter. This could be related to you recently renewing your membership or if you want to get more involved. Here are a couple of examples:

The University of Nottingham
Aberystwyth University
City University London
University of Chester
University of Greenwich
Staffordshire University

2. Add us to your sustainability newsletter if you have one, for example:

The University of Nottingham

3. Include a description and link to our website on your sustainability or environmental pages, for example:

Loughborough University

4. Add your personalised membership certificate to your institution's website. You can generate your EAUC certificate by visiting the "My EAUC" page:

The University of Warwick

5. Download one of the EAUC's educational member logos and attach it to your email signature and your website.

All of these resources and templates can be found here. This page will give you everything you need to take full advantage of your EAUC Membership!

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