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Sustainability is key to institutional success over the long-term

A sustainable campus estate is essential for enhancing the student, staff and community experience.

Improving energy and resource efficiency is not only good for the environment but can also deliver significant cost savings for institutions. This agenda is increasingly relevant given rising costs, greater regulatory focus on value for money, and growing public intolerance of wasteful, environmentally harmful behaviours by public institutions - the recent rapid rise in public concern about plastics being a good example.

Predicting the direction of regulatory and policy changes - such as future energy and carbon taxes - is challenging but sustainable institutions are better placed to adapt to change. Sustainability regulation can increase access to capital for forward-thinking institutions.

The EAUC Scotland Office are funded by the Scottish Funding Council to deliver additional support to Universities and Colleges in Scotland, and many of the events and resources produced by the them are open to all EAUC Members. Find out more about their work on the Scotland webpage.

For Support Staff:

  • Enter the Green Gown Awards to showcase your sustainability initiatives and receive the most prestigious recognition of best practice within education. Specific categories include: Campus of the Future, Sustainable Institution of the Year and Campus Health, Food & Drink. 
  • Discover resources on Biodiversity, Resource Efficiency & Waste, Construction, ICT, Travel & Transport and Utilities  
  • Do you need help in engaging colleagues? Attend the Emerging Leaders Programme to develop personal management capabilities and to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational strategy.
  • Sign The SDG Accord! The SDG Accord is the global university and college sector’s collective response to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 
  • Find out more about how to achieve Financial Resilience 
  • Have a voice! We lead on relevant consultations on behalf of members 

For Sustainability Specialists:

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