Sustainability Careers Guide

NEW - Access a selection of resources produced by the British Council looking at Green Careers.

Colleges and Universities exist to develop the leaders of tomorrow, and it is vital that students are supported to develop sustainability skills during their studies, and then also to pursue careers in this area following graduation if they wish to do so. 

Growing numbers of students engaging with sustainability issues are looking to follow a career in this area, but Careers and Student Advisors sometimes struggle to understand what this means and how students can best develop both their employability and the quality of their applications for such roles. It is important that support is made widely available. 
The EAUC-Scotland Office, identified the need across the UK for written guidance to help anyone looking for or advising on careers in sustainability. Through extensive research in both universities and colleges, and in collaboration with career support organisations, feedback suggested that Advisors were in need of online resources which they could use to learn more about these types of careers, which could also be made accessible to students looking to pursue a career in the sector.
Guides have been developed to cover the following topics, helping support both advisors and students through the careers journey with some top tips and plenty of links to resources along the way:
Understanding – From your basic knowledge of what a ‘sustainability’ job is to understanding the opportunities for jobs within the wider sector going forward; this section is about comprehending the wide scope of a career involving sustainability.
Preparing – Focusing in on the variety of jobs in the area and how to prepare for the specific knowledge, experience and skills for a career in this sector.
Winning – A helpful section with contacts and links that help narrow down the search when looking for a specific job as well as tips on how to promote your sustainability credentials in CVs, cover letters and interviews.

The Guides are available to view and download on the Sustainability Exchange here!

In addition to the Guides we are hosting lunchtime webinars so that you can join the conversation and hear from people working and supporting sustainability careers.

These will be made available as videos to watch or share with students or colleagues at a later date, but attending on the day will mean you can actively engage with the speakers to ensure your questions are answered.

Access the previously broadcast webinars through the links below:

Webinar 1
First broadcast 9 March 
Webinar 2
First broadcast 10 March

Webinar 3
First broadcast 27 March
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