How to find a job that's good for you and the planet - a Green Careers Guide

This guide is for everyone who is interested in a career that supports a more sustainable future - for you and the planet! 

We have also produced a stand-alone resource for careers and student support staff in FHE, Showing the Path to Green Jobs.

It takes an inclusive approach to 'green jobs' and explains that these go much beyond windfarms and wellies. Electricians, Finance Mangers, Administrative Assistants, Environmental Lawyers, Communicators, Sustainability Consultants, Engineers and Educators - all of these jobs are, or can be, green jobs!

This guide covers:
✔ What green jobs are + examples of roles and current professionals
✔ The benefits of doing a green job for the jobseeker 
✔ What skills and knowledge you need
✔ How to find a green job and land it

It links plenty of excellent guidance that will help you start the green career you want. The first page allows you to navigate between different sections - to make it easy to just go to the sections that are most interesting for you.

Many of the top tips and resources in this resource are relevant for people in Scotland, the UK, and beyond.

Students have said:

"It doesn't go over my head as someone who sometimes feels overwhelmed with the green agenda."

"The whole breakdown of jobs is nicely put."

"I love the profiles with examples of people's jobs, that makes a range of careers seem very real and possible."

"I liked the myth busters especially about how green jobs are not limited to 'windfarms and STEM', it was interesting to see other jobs that are also green and how these relate to sustainability."


This guide was developed by the EAUC Scotland, building on feedback provided by a group of stakeholders from education agencies and organisations as well as college and university students in Scotland.

Delivered by EAUC