Showing the Path to Green Jobs - a guide for careers and student support staff in FHE

In addition to our student-facing resource, the Green Careers Guide, EAUC Scotland have produced this guidance for university and college staff. This guide is aimed at careers advisors, curriculum coordinators, tutors, student support staff, placement supervisors, lecturers, and anyone else who supports students on employment matters.

It takes an inclusive and accessible approach to green jobs to help staff understand what a green job can look like, and some of the best ways to guide students.

The guide aims to:
  • Support an improved understanding of green jobs and how they are developing
  • Develop knowledge and skills around communication of green jobs and engaging students from all backgrounds
  • Provide an overview of the current discourse around sustainability at careers fairs.

Chapters can be read independently from each other to allow for staff to pick what's most relevant to them. Chapters include:
  1. What are green jobs? (including busted myths)
  2. Labour market: Green job developments
  3. Communicating about green jobs
  4. Supporting students who are underrepresented in green jobs
  5. Careers fairs & sustainable companies: A discussion overview (including different approaches in practice)
  6. Top resources
Delivered by EAUC