The EAUC plays an active policy and advocacy role, working to ensure the systems and frameworks which shape the post-16 education sector are supporting, embedding and driving sustainability action. 

We aim to create an enabling environment for our members' sustainability work whilst also actively re-imagining what the education system looks like so we're maximising sustainability outcomes: equipping learners for their lives and shaping society for the better. 

Our consultation responses are listed below in the download section, with our most recent at the top.


Download file 20240517_qaa_quality_code_consultation_eauc_response_final.pdf
QAA Quality Code consultation response (587Kb)
Download file n_-_draft_guidance_and_general_determination_for_teacher_qualification_in_further_education_tqfe.pdf
EAUC Scotland response - Draft guidance and general determination for Teacher Qualification in Further Education (TQFE) consultation (37Kb)
Download file scottish_national_adaptation_plan_3_consultation_response.pdf
EAUC Scotland Response: Scottish National Adaptation Plan 3 consultation (73Kb)
Download file eauc_scotland_response_-_wellbeing_and_sustainable_development_scotland_bill.pdf
EAUC Scotland Response: Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill (53Kb)
Download file desnz_scope_3_call_for_evidence_-_eauc_response_-_dec_2023.pdf
EAUC Response: Scope 3 emissions in the UK reporting landscape (251Kb)
Download file 20230909_eauc_response_to_ukri_concordat_consultation_1.pdf
EAUC Response to the UKRI Consultation on the Concordat for Environmental Sustainability (157Kb)
Download file eauc_scotland_national_outcomes_call_for_evidence.pdf
EAUC Scotland response to National Outcomes call for evidence June 2023 (222Kb)
Download file national_discussion_for_future_of_scottish_education_consultation_letter.pdf
EAUC-Scotland response to National Discussion on Scottish Education - summary letter - December 2022 (199Kb)
Download file eauc-s_national_discussion_response.pdf
EAUC-Scotland response to National Discussion on Scottish Education - survey - December 2022 (34Kb)
Download file gtcs_provisional_lecturer_registration_standards_consultation.pdf
EAUC-S and LFSS response to GTCS provisional college lecturer registration standards consultation (165Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-_net_zero_review_-_call_for_evidence_-_oct_2022.pdf
Response to BEIS Net Zero Review - Oct 2022 (198Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-_ons_green_jobs_definition_-_oct_2022.pdf
ONS Green Jobs Definition (Oct 2022) (34Kb)
Download file nse_to_consultation_on_delivering_scotlands_circular_economy_circular_economy_bill_-_august_2022.pdf
EAUC Scotland response to Consultation on Delivering Scotland’s circular economy (Circular Economy Bill) - August 2022 (32Kb)
Download file consultation_on_advance_he_proffessional_standrds_framework_update-_july_2022.pdf
Consultation on Advance HE professional Standards Framework Review- July 2022 (118Kb)
Download file and_response_to_scottish_government_-_resource_spending_review_framework_consultation_march_2022.pdf
EAUC Scotland response to Scottish Government Resource Spending Review Framework Consultation - March 2022 (180Kb)
Download file onsultation_on_proposals_to_ban_commonly_littered_single-use_plastic_items_in_england_-_feb_2022.pdf
Consultation on proposals to ban commonly littered single-use plastic items in England - Feb 2022 (180Kb)
Download file consultation_on_the_ofs_strategy_2022_-2025_eauc_response_dec_2021.pdf
Consultation on the OfS Strategy 2022 - 2025 - Dec 2021 (180Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-_consistency_in_recycling__england_consultation_-_july_2021.pdf
Response to Consultation on Recycling Consistency in England July 2021 (243Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_northern_ireland_climate_change_no__2_bill_-_september_2021.pdf
Northern Ireland Climate Change No. 2 Bill Sept 2021 (192Kb)
Download file eauc_response_northern_ireland_climate_change_bill_-_july_2021.pdf
Response to Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill (July 2021) (236Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-drs_consultation_-_june_2021.pdf
EAUC response to DRS Consultation (June 2021) (237Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-_epr_consultation_-_june_2021.pdf
EAUC response to EPR Consultation (June 2021) (233Kb)
Download file eauc-scotland_net_zero_public_engagement_scotgov.pdf
EAUC-Scotland Net Zero Public Engagement ScotGov (March 2021) (247Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_daera_on_the_climate_change_bill_-_jan_2021.pdf
EAUC response to DAERA on the Climate Change Bill (Jan 2021) (241Kb)
Download file qaa-esd-consultation-response-january-2021-lfss-eauc-s.pdf
QAA ESD Consultation Response from EAUC-Scotland and LfSS (493Kb)
Download file eauc_input_to_esd_guidance_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the QAA and Advance HE ESD guidance consultation (Jan 2021) (258Kb)
Download file eauc-s_climate_change_plan_update_2021.pdf
EAUC-Scotland response to the Environment, Climate Change & Land reform Committee on the Climate Change Plan Update (Jan 2021) (649Kb)
Download file green_jobs.pdf
EAUC response to the EAC on Green Jobs (Jan 2021) (243Kb)
Download file eauc-s_single_use_plastics_consultation_response.pdf
EAUC-Scotland response to Scottish Government on Introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland (December 2020) (23Kb)
Download file post_pandemic_economic_growth.pdf
EAUC response to BEIS on post-pandemic economic growth (July 2020) (260Kb)
Download file heat_network_consultation_response.pdf
EAUC response to Heat Networks consultation (June 2020) (137Kb)
Download file eauc-scotland_heat_networks_scotland_bill_call_for_views_response.pdf
EAUC-Scotland Response to Heat Networks Consultation (May 2020) (472Kb)
Download file cuc_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the CUC consultation on the Higher Education Code of Governance (176Kb)
Download file eauc_submission_on_the_northern_ireland_environment_strategy_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the Northern Ireland Assembly's DAERA on the NI Environment Strategy (Feb 2020) (281Kb)
Download file ukas_consultation_response_-_eauc.pdf
EAUC response to UKAS on 'Policy on Accreditation and Conformity Assessment During the Coronavirus Outbreak' (174Kb)
Download file public_sector__climate_change_consultation_response_-_eauc-s_1.pdf
EAUC-S response to Scottish Government the role of public sector bodies in tackling climate change (Dec 2019) (625Kb)
Download file dfid_sdg_vnr.pdf
EAUC response to DFID on process of SDG VNR (Sept 2019) (392Kb)
Download file ofs_student_engagement.pdf
EAUC response to OfS survey on student engagement (August 2019) (324Kb)
Download file eauc_net_zero_consultation_response_final.pdf
EAUC response to EAC net zero government inquiry (August 2019) (452Kb)
Download file letter-to-the-first-minister-calling-for-a-scottish-environment-act.pdf
EAUC supports call for Scottish Environment Act (June 2019) (81Kb)
Download file response_to_plastics_consultation_-_eauc.pdf
EAUC response to DEFRA and HM Treasury consultations on plastic - Tax, DRS and EPR (May 2019) (300Kb)
Download file hesa_consultation_input.pdf
EAUC response to the HESA consultation (May 2019) (285Kb)
Download file sdg-network-scotlands-response-to-scottish-governments-good-food-nation-bill-consultation-2.pdf
EAUC-Scotland as part of SDG Network Scotland on the Good Food Nation Bill (April 2019) (161Kb)
Download file eac_sdg_vnr_pdf.pdf
EAUC response to EAC on the UK SDG VNR (April 2019) (464Kb)
Download file eauc-scotland_sccap2_consultation_response__full.pdf
EAUC Scotland response to Scottish Government onScottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019-2024 (232Kb)
Download file eauc-s_and_lfss_letter_-_comments_on_professional_standards_for_lecturers_in_scotlands_colleges.pdf
EAUC-Scotland and LfSS Comments on CDN Professional Standards for Lecturers (421Kb)
Download file eauc_ofsted_consultation_response.pdf
EAUC responds to Ofsted on the Education Inspection Framework (April 2019) (348Kb)
Download file kef_submission_to_research_england.pdf
EAUC response to UKRI on the KEF (March 2019) (193Kb)
Download file consultation_response_of_tef.pdf
EAUC response to DoE on the TEF (March 2019) (340Kb)
Download file nd_or_sale_of_plastic_straws_plastic_-_stemmed_cotton_buds_and_plastic_drink_stirrers_in_england.pdf
EAUC response to DEFRA on the banning of plastic straws, drink stirrers and plastic stemmed cotton buds (Nov 2018) (242Kb)
Download file eauc-s_and_lfss_letter_-_cdn_professional_standards_review.pdf
EAUC-Scotland and LfSS CDN Professional Standards Original Review (425Kb)
Download file ccb_submissions_-_fhe_sector_response.pdf
EAUC-Scotland response to ECCLR Committee's Call for Views on Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill (August 2018) (197Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_the_eac_inquiry_about_sdgs_in_the_uk.pdf
EAUC response to the EAC follow-up Inquiry on the SDGs in the UK (September 2018) (256Kb)
Download file environmental_principles_and_governance_bill.pdf
EAUC response to the Environmental Principles and Governance consultation (Aug 2018) (223Kb)
Download file skills_and_funding_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the DoE post-16 skills and funding consultation (May 2018) (329Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_the_single-use_plastic_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the Single-Use Plastic consultation (May 2018) (172Kb)
Download file eac_25-year_environment_plan_inquiry.pdf
EAUC Inquiry submission to the EAC Inquiry on the 25-year Environment Plan(March 2018) (242Kb)
Download file eauc_consultation_response_to_the_beis_cardon_reduction_in_fhe_consultation.pdf
EAUC response to the Carbon Reduction consultation (1/2)(November 2017) (25Kb)
Download file accompanying_consultation_documentation.pdf
Accompanying documentation for the Carbon Reduction consultation (2/2)(November 2017) (259Kb)
Download file eauc_building_our_industrial_strategy_2017_final_consultation.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Building our Industrial Strategy (January 2017) (403Kb)
Download file eauc_consultation_response_-_hnip_-_august_2016.pdf
EAUC Response to Heat Networks Investment Project consultation (July 2016) (99Kb)
Download file call_for_evidence_public_sector_decarbonisation_wales_sept2017.pdf
Welsh Government Call for Evidence: Decarbonisation of Public Sector (137Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_consultation_on_a_review_of_the_feed-in_tariffs_scheme.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Department of Energy and Climate Change - Review of the Feed-in Tariffs Scheme (October 2015) (509Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_changes_to_financial_support_for_solar_pv_consultation_2.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Department of Energy and Climate Change - Changes to Financial Support for Solar PV (Sept 2015) (371Kb)
Download file eauc_response_to_changes_in_feed-in_tariff_accreditation_consultation.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Department of Energy and Climate Change - Changes to Feed-in Tariff Accreditation (Aug 2015) (352Kb)
Download file display_energy_certificates_eauc_response.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Display Energy Certificates: current regime and how it could be streamlined and improved (March 2015) (147Kb)
Download file ofsted_and_sustainable_development_consultation.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: OFSTED Better inspection for all (Dec 2014) (340Kb)
Download file eauc_scotland_scottish_government_public_sector_reporting_consultation_sector_response.pdf
EAUC Scotland Scottish Government Public Sector Reporting Consultation Sector Response (May 2015) (16Kb)
Download file cuc_code_of_governance_consultation_eauc_response.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response:CUC Code of Governance Consultation (April 2014) (130Kb)
Download file hefce_sd_framework_consultation_response_eauc_14_website_version.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: HEFCE Sustainable Development Framework (February 2014) (476Kb)
Download file adaptation_consultation_response_eauc-scotland_sept_final2013.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme (October 2013) (438Kb)
Download file swmp_submitted_response.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Proposed repeal by DEFRA of construction SWMPs Regulations (July 2013) (9Kb)
Download file eauc_consultation_response_he_performance_indicators_-_07_06_13.pdf
EAUC Consultation Response: Measuring Higher Education � A Review of Performance Indicators (June 2013) (132Kb)
Download file sd_bill_wales_040313.pdf
EAUC and Wales branch response to Sustainable Development Bill (March 2013) (374Kb)
Download file eauc_sector_reponse_to_the_proposals_for_an_integrated_response.pdf
EAUC Response to the Scottish Government on Proposals for an Integrated Framework on Environmental Regulation (Aug 2012) (195Kb)
Download file qaa_quality_chapter_response_from_eauc_-_july_2012.pdf
EAUC Response to QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Chapter B3: Learning and Teaching (July 2012) (397Kb)
Download file 00386559.pdf
Joint response by EAUC Scotland and SAUDE to Climate Change (Scotland) Act: S.63 Regs and guidance for non domestic buildings consultation (January 2012) (83Kb)
Download file 00386450.pdf
Joint response by EAUC Scotland and SAUDE to Consultation: Directive 2010/31/EU on Energy Performance of Buildings (Recast) (January 2012) (72Kb)
Download file crc_response_ns_110311_1.pdf
EAUC Response to Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme Consultation (March 2011) (162Kb)
Download file eauc_response_-_fits_consultation_dec_2011_(final)_1.pdf
EAUC Response to Feed-in Tariffs for solar PV consultation (December 2011) (312Kb)
Download file rio+_20_aggregation_document(all).pdf
EAUC Aggregated Response to Rio+20 Earth Summit (521Kb)
Download file feed-in_tariffs_for_sml_scle_low_carbon_elec_-_may_2011_1.pdf
EAUC Response to Fast-track Review of Feed-in Tariffs for Small Scale Low Carbon Electricity (May 2011) (253Kb)
Download file meeting_the_low_carbon_skills_challenge.pdf
Meeting the Low Carbon Skills Challenge- DECC Consultation (97Kb)
Download file ukpsf_hea_jan_2011_1.pdf
EAUC Response to The HEA's Review of The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for Higher Education (Jan 2011) (59Kb)
Download file final_consolodated_response_to_zero_waste_consultation_1009.pdf
EAUC Response on the Scottish Government's Consultation on Zero Waste (Oct 09) (69Kb)
Download file eauc-s_response_to_action_on_climate_change_consultation_nov08.pdf
EAUC Scotland Response to Action on Climate Change Consultation November 08 (58Kb)
Download file crc_consultation_dec_2010.pdf
CRC Consultation Response 2010 (87Kb)
Download file scotland_zero_waste_letter.pdf
Response to Consultation on Potential Legislative Measures to Implement Zero Waste letter October 08 (60Kb)
Download file hefce_consultation_-_eauc_response_1.pdf
Response to HEFCE Sustainable Development in Higher Education Consultation September 08 (62Kb)
Download file zero_waste_eauc_scotland_response.pdf
Response to Consultation on Potential Legislative Measures to Implement Zero Waste (130Kb)
Download file scottish_climate_change_bill_-_eauc-s_response.pdf
Response to Scottish Climate Change Bill April 08 (72Kb)
Download file swmp_to_defra_march_2008.pdf
Response to Defra on Informal Consultation on Non-Statutory Guidance for SWMPs March 08 (56Kb)
Download file crc-response_eauc_september_2007_.pdf
Response to CRC Consultation September 2007 (92Kb)
Download file scotland_better_waste_regulation_june_07.pdf
Response to Scotland Better Waste Regulations Consultation June 07 (105Kb)
Download file hefce_green_revolving_fund_response_april_2008.pdf
Response to HEFCE Revolving Green Fund April 08 (13Kb)
Download file consultation_response_on_swmps_july_07_final.pdf
Response to Site Waste Management Plans DEFRA Consultation July 07 (93Kb)
Download file draft_climate_change_bill_june_07.pdf
Response to Draft Climate Change Bill June 07 (55Kb)
Download file response_to_waste_framework_directive_consultation_dec_2006.pdf
Response to Waste Framework Directive Consultation January 07 (122Kb)
Download file frameworf_for_excellence_oct_06.pdf
Response to Consultation on LSC Framework for Excellence October 06 (33Kb)
Download file lueg_response_to_mayors_environment_strategy.pdf
lueg_response_to_mayors_environment_strategy.pdf (46Kb)
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