Carbon Report 2015

Carbon offset

We try to minimise our carbon foot print as much as possible, however as with any organisation we do still have a carbon footprint. We offset this using ClimateCare and in 2015 we offset 14 tonnes of carbon dioxide for our 2014 impact (13,554 tonnes). We choose ClimateCare because they are a world leader in the carbon offset market and our money is invested in projects which not only cut carbon but also improve lives in the areas in which they operate.

2015 results

  • Our carbon footprint has increased by 60% and is 21,732 tonnes for 2015
  • The main increase on our carbon footprint is due to increased domestic travel with staff attending more member meetings and international travel with staff attending sustainability events to strengthen our UK member voice on a global platform.
  • Our staff full time equivalent increased from 8.87 to 9.32
  • Less than 1% of our waste goes to landfill.

Carbon Summary

  Staff (FTE) Total Carbon Emissions (kgCO2) Carbon Emissions per FTE (kgCO2/FTE) Income per annum £ Carbon Emissions per unit of income (kgCO2/£) GIA (m2)
2014 8.87 13,554 1,527 610,805 0.02 237
2015 9.32 21,732 2,166 643,582 0.03 354
% increase/ decrease 5% 60% 42% 5% 50% 49%

Breakdown of our carbon

Waste 7 0.03 5 0.03 2 50
Water 36 0.16 34 0.3 2 5
Heating and Lighting 5,289 24 4,708 35 581 12
Travel 15,778 73 8,204 61 7,574 92
Domestic 5,648 26 4,514 33 1,134 25
International 10,130 42 3,690 27 6,440 175
Electricity 622 3 593 4 29 5
Total 21,732 100 13,544 100 8,188 60

Reporting scope

  Office Area (m2) Electricity Gas Water Travel Waste Procurement
Headquarters, Cheltenham 45.12*  Tenant within office space with little or no control of Electricity (lights) or means to measure consumption. Desk usage is monitored via socket meters Tenant within office space with little or no control of Gas or means to measure consumption Tenant within office space with little or no control of Water or means to measure consumption All travel is based on estimates of mileage and using Defra conversions Tenant within office space with no means to measure consumption. Waste audit undertaken and assumptions are based on this for the year Accurate data for procurement areas is not available at this time but adheres to our purchasing policies
Scotland Office 11.94**
* Office area is calculated using sole purpose office space and shared office space such as toilet and kitchen area
** Our Scotland office is part of an open plan office so this figure is calculated based on average FTE space in our Headquarters
  • All business activities including staff and Board travel, workstation energy use, home working energy use, travel energy use, waste, water, lighting and heating is recorded
  • We have 2 offices, our headquarters at University of Gloucestershire and our Scotland office at Queen Margaret University. As both of our offices are within an institution we shared many services such as postal, telephone and cleaning services as well as utilities
  • Due to our shared offices some of our services are controlled by our host institutions such as lighting and water and we are unable to measure these separately. Staff commuting and procurement are not included in the figures
  • Our recycling and landfill waste are collected centrally by our host institutions therefore we have an annual waste audit and base an assumptions on this for the year
  • We include the travel incurred by our trustees (based on reimbursements so any travel not reimbursed is not included).
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