Get involved and have your say

There are a number of ways for you to get involved or have your say on what goes on. Find out more below.

Regions - Check up on what’s happening in your region to share knowledge and information with others. Access the regional groups here.

Communities of Practice (CoP) - The EAUC has a range of Communities of Practice to meet the need for more specialist and efficient networking. Learn more about the specific interest CoPs here.

Topic Support Networks (TSN) - Topic Support Networks have been created to facilitate groups of people working together on a specific sustainability subject that is relevant to Scottish colleges and universities. Members of the network can be staff in further and higher education or in public or not-for-profit organisations. Find out more here.

Educational Members Network - The Educational Members Network is the EAUC's email forum; it lets you ask questions and circulate notifications to other EAUC members. Join the network here.

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