Sound Impact Awards Launch Their 3rd Year

The Sound Environmental Impact Awards is an environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element specifically designed for students' unions supported by the EAUC.

There are 22 Essential criteria all based around easy-to-implement practical actions that will reduce your union's negative environmental impacts. If a union gets all 22 they will be awarded the Bronze standard. There are over 100 bonus criteria – the more points they get the more likely they are to scoop the Silver standard or a Gold award. Sound Impact is run by the student Ethical & Environmental Committee at NUS Services, the commercial arm of the NUS. In year one 51 unions took part; in year two there were 68. This year the Committee have a target of 80 unions. 43 unions have signed up already.

To gain extra points towards your Sound Impact Award get your Student Union signed up to EAUC Membership!

The deadline for signing-up is 24 October 2008. The deadline for workbooks back is 19 December 2008.

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