How LiFE works

LiFE is a process which manages performance improvement across 4 institutional Priority Areas. These are:    

Leadership and Governance 
Learning, Teaching and Research
Partnership and Engagement 
Estates and Operations

Within the tool you'll find a series of 14 Frameworks which look into the Priority Areas in more detail. Each Framework provides guidance on how to locate where you are currently, before identifying how your institution can improve its performance within a specific area.

As you read the Frameworks, you will understand what good practice in each area looks like, and through self-assessment and action planning you will be better able to embed these practices throughout the organisation.

Simply work your way through the Framework(s) in the tool by adding evidence of existing activity in the 8 Activity Areas and then give yourself a score. We have provided helpful scoring guidance to ensure you are consistent and realistic.

The LiFE journey

A: Is LiFE for you? Regardless of your starting point, LiFE will benefit you.

B: Scope LiFE - Whether you take on one Priority Area or Framework or facilitate a ‘whole-institution’ approach, LiFE has been built to be flexible so you choose.

C: Self-assess - A simple tool to guide you through the Frameworks to manage your progress. It's intuitive, easy to access and user friendly with automatically generated tables and dashboards. There are two versions of the tool so make sure you use the correct one. We also have helpful guidance on 'How to use the tool'.

D: Get support - All EAUC resources and events are aligned to the LiFE Frameworks to help you get the most value from LiFE and Membership.

Annual review

To know where support is needed, we will ask you to submit the completed tool to us annually. We will use the combined information confidentially to guide new services over the coming year and provide the sector with some useful insight (anonymously). No extra work, just put the tool in an email.


We are working on a new approach to Accreditation which will take some time to implement. If you are interested please contact us.

Below is a diagram to illustrate the Priority Areas and Frameworks of LiFE:

LiFE How LiFE works banner image #