Welcome to LiFE

LiFE is a planning and self-assessment tool specifically for colleges and universities to improve social responsibility and environmental performance through a whole institution approach. LiFE systematically guides you through the design, planning and delivery of your strategic sustainability activities.

Led by you working at your own pace, LiFE will lead and support you to map your own unique route to a more sustainable future.

Whatever sustainability looks like in your institution, LiFE will help you focus your resources and set targets to drive strategic change across the whole institution. You are in control. You can decide to do all of LiFE or just one of the Priority Areas, it’s up to you.

Free to EAUC Members, you now have a powerful new mechanism to stimulate cross institutional dialogue and inspire and drive change.

Find out how Members are using LiFE and how they engaged their teams

Step 1: Is LiFE for you? Watch the video below to learn more about LiFE and how to use it.

Step 2: Self-assess Use the planning and Self-Assessment tool to see where you are on your sustainability journey.

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