EAUC 10th Annual Conference Presentations

Date: 15 January 2007

Venue: University of Nottingham

The EAUC's 10th Annual Conference is to take place on the 11-12th April 2006 at the University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus.

Entitled "Minimising Risk, Maximising Benefit", this key sector event looks set to be superb. To date speakers include: Rt Hon Margaret Beckett (to confirm), Mayer Hillman, Sara Parkin along with a wide range of practical workshops and displays from sector suppliers.

The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.


Download file acfa6c6.ppt The New EAUC Transport Database - Peter Hayward
(78Kb) #425
Download file andy_johnston_1.ppt Sustainable Development: the Contribution of UK Higher Education (0.8 Mb) - Andy Johnston (Forum for the Future)
(858Kb) #409
Download file c2e2_1.ppt C2E2 - Tools to Assess Campus Environmental Performance in the US (5.5 Mb) - Peter Schneider & Thomas Balf
(5.6Mb) #411
Download file eauc_jon_mcgowan_est.ppt Cutting Your Carbon, Effective Energy Efficiency Campaigns - Jon McGowan (7.8 Mb) (EST)
(7.3Mb) #424
Download file eauc_wrap_presentation_110406_.ppt Closing the Recycling Loop (11.5 Mb) - Victoria Hands (LSE) and Kara Jones (WRAP)
(11.7Mb) #414
Download file ecocampus.ppt EcoCampus: a Phased approach to EMS (3.3 Mb) - Shelia Malone & Sara Macey
(3.4Mb) #421
Download file janet_trotter_1.ppt Tipping Points: Managing Environmental Strategies in Universities & Colleges (0.9 Mb) - Dame Janet Trotter
(868Kb) #410
Download file jimmy_brannigan.ppt Sustainable Procurement Project (0.5 Mb) - Jimmy Branigan
(475Kb) #422
Download file john_hindley.ppt A Multifunctional Wetland for Biodiversity & Sustainable Drainage - John Hindley (Edge Hill) (1.3 Mb)
(1.3Mb) #419
Download file mark_warner.ppt Benchmarking the HE Sector (0.7 Mb) - Mark Warner (Leeds Met) and Isabela Souza (BITC)
(686Kb) #417
Download file martin_whiteland.ppt Biodiversity and the NW Cambridge Masterplan - Martin Whiteland (Cambridge) (16.0 Mb)
(15.6Mb) #420
Download file mary_webb_new.ppt Waste Management Guide - Mary Webb
(88Kb) #426
Download file michelle_dixon_1.ppt Biodiversity on Campus : Practical Progress to Solid Strategies - Michelle Dixon (Herts)
(739Kb) #418
Download file netregs.ppt Net Regs for Universities & Colleges (2.4 Mb) - Tim Fanshawe (Environment Agency)
(2.5Mb) #416
Download file nigel_banks.pdf High Performance Buildings for Higher & Further Education (5.2 Mb) - Peter Hopkinson (HEEPI) and Nigel Banks (Faber Maunsell)
(5.4Mb) #415
Download file richard_rugg.ppt Higher Education Carbon Management Programme - Richard Rugg (5.5 Mb) (Carbon Trust)
(5.6Mb) #423
Download file solitaire_townsend_1.ppt Communicating Climate Risk - Solitaire Townsend (1.3 Mb)
(1.3Mb) #412
Download file steve_egan_1.ppt Sustainable Development in Higher Education: HEFCEs Contribution - Steve Egan (1.0 Mb)
(947Kb) #413