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Patrick Flavin, Carbon and Energy Reduction Officer, University of Huddersfield, emailed the Energy and Water Community of Practice to ask,

“We’re reconfiguring how we manage car parking on campus and are in the process of moving (and reducing) the amount of spaces to new sites off site. As part of the planning conditions the council are requiring car charging points in the new car parks, but those locations don’t suit us.
I’m looking to put some on campus but in order to decide the best course of action and location I could do with a bit of feedback from those who have already installed them or are in the process/

- How many locations have you put them in?
- Did you pay for them or did you join a scheme?
- Are they public facing or behind a barrier? (i.e. staff only?)
- Do they get much use?
- Do you use them for university owned/leased vehicles or for private vehicles?
- Any other tidbits of knowledge on them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to turn this around quickly to meet planning demands.”

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