Presentations 2010

Please see below the presentations from the EAUC Annual Conference 2010:


Download file day_1_steve_hawkins.ppt
Day 1 - Steve Hawkins, Bangor University (4Mb)
Download file day_1_di_dale.ppt
Day 1 - Di Dale, Wiltshire College (235Kb)
Download file day_1_tony_cortese.ppt
Day 1 - Anthony Cortese, Second Nature (2.1Mb)
Download file day_1_alexi_marmot.ppt
Day 1 - Alexi Marmot, University College London (2Mb)
Download file day_1_ivan_meyer.ppt
Day 1 - Ivan Meyer, Queen Margaret University (2Mb)
Download file day_1_session_1_-_jimmy_brannigan.ppt
Workshop Session 1 - Campus Procurment & Global Poverty (960Kb)
Download file day_1_session_1_-_john_treble.ppt
Workshop Session 1 - Eight Days to CRC EES - Are you Ready? (851Kb)
Download file carbon_management_plans_and_crc_in_he__fe_16-03-10.pdf
Workshop Session 1 - Eight Days to CRC EES - Additional Information (148Kb)
Download file day_1_session_1_-_caroline_radnor.ppt
Workshop Session 1 - Introduction to the EAUC Transport Planning Network (253Kb)
Download file day_1_session_1_-_lisa_brannan.ppt
Workshop Session 1 - Promoting Health Benefits & Making Links with University/College Population (962Kb)
Download file day_1_session_1_-_tracey_rawling_church.pdf
Workshop Session 1 - Towards Low-Carbon Documents (1.1Mb)
Download file eauc_behaviour_change_20mar10.pdf
Workshop Session 1 - The Secrets of Changing Staff & Student Behaviour (3.5Mb)
Download file day_2_-_paul_lewis__mark_saunders.ppt
Day 2 - Paul Lewis, Self Energy & Mark Saunders, E.ON (744Kb)
Download file eauc_mind_the_gap_23_03_2010.pdf
Day 2 - Craig White, White Design (5.1Mb)
Download file eauc_presentation_23_march_2010_vfinal_1.ppt
Day 2 - George Martin, Willmott Dixon (6.6Mb)
Download file eauc_conference_2010_joanna_simpson.ppt
Day 2 - Joanna Simpson, HEFCE (533Kb)
Download file leanne_denby.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - Achieving Change Through Staff Engagement (349Kb)
Download file leanne_denby_staff_engagement_macquarie_uni.pdf
Workshop Session 2 - Achieving Change Through Staff Engagement Additional Document (115Kb)
Download file leanne_denby_write_up_of_session_2.doc
Workshop Session 2 - Achieving Change Through Staff Engagement Write Up (48Kb)
Download file eauc_conference_230310araudaskoskihwaters.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Westminster (775Kb)
Download file eauc_obu_csr.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - Corporate Social Responsibility, Oxford Brookes University (207Kb)
Download file kirsti_norris_eauc_2010.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - New Ways to Engage & Empower Your Colleagues (692Kb)
Download file lizzie_bone.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - Snap it off! Researching Energy Saving Schemes in Halls of Residence (250Kb)
Download file 23_03_10__eauc_car_sharing_presenation.ppt
Workshop Session 2 - Travel Planning & Car Sharing (3.4Mb)
Download file eauc_presentation_1_-_david_sadler.ppt
Day 2 - David Sadler, Higher Education Academy (321Kb)
Download file presentation_-_is_sd_in_the_curriculum_a_nice_to_do.ppt
Day 2 - Jimmy Brannigan, ESD Consulting (655Kb)
Download file olivia_knight-adam.ppt
Day 2 - Olivia Knight-Adams, NUS (4.7Mb)
Download file eauc1.ppt
Day 2 - Bryan Davies, OFSTED (5.9Mb)
Download file carolyn_roberts_v1.ppt
Day 2 - Carolyn Roberts, University of Oxford (7.6Mb)
Download file eauc_workshop.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Carbon Reduction in FE (154Kb)
Download file euac_establishing_fe_college_emissions_and_potential_targets_v2.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Carbon Reduction in FE (267Kb)
Download file esd_workshop.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Embedding Sustainability in the Curriculum (311Kb)
Download file breeam_presentation_eauc_bangor_tues_23rd_march.pdf
Workshop Session 3 - Greening Your Buildings (3.8Mb)
Download file rgf_presentation_v2_0.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Learning the Lessons from the Revolving Green Fund (14.5Mb)
Download file eauc_annual_conference_presentation_updated.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Sustainable ICT in your University or College (105Kb)
Download file rob_bristow.ppt
Workshop Session 3 - Sustainable ICT in Your University or College (JISC) (2.9Mb)
Download file eauc_conference_bangor.pptx
Workshop Session 3 - Universities that Count: From Benchmarking to Bench-Learning (264Kb)
Download file andy_fraser_-_euac_bangor_conference_-_wales_strategic_approach_-_march_2010.ppt
Day 3 - Andy Fraser, Welsh Assembly Government (2Mb)
Download file prof__philip_gummett.ppt
Day 3 - Philip Gummett, HEFCW (428Kb)
Download file eauc_presentation_bs8555.pptx
Workshop Session 4 - Buddy Up for EMS (669Kb)
Download file eaucfinal.ppt
Workshop Session 4 - From Clashes to Collaboration - A Business & IT Perspective to Support Greener Global Citizenship (1Mb)
Download file spce_presentation_v1_eauc_bangor.ppt
Workshop Session 4 - Sustainable Procurement for our Future (1.2Mb)
Download file somervell+strachan.ppt
Workshop Session 4 - Transition Universities & Colleges (776Kb)
Download file transition_eauc_conferenceworkshop_outcomes.doc
Workshop Session 4 - Transition Universities & Colleges Outcomes (31Kb)
Download file 12_transition_steps__7_barriers.doc
Workshop Session 4 - Transition Universities & Colleges Additional Information (84Kb)
Download file ppoint_eauc_2010_final.ppt
Workshop Session 4 - United Nations University Regional Centres of Expertise in Sustainability Education (648Kb)
Download file john_stewart.ppt
Day 3 - John Stewart, HACAN (478Kb)
Download file eauc_march_10.ppt
Better World Books (1.1Mb)
Download file bull_assessor_walkthrough.pdf
Bull IT Assessor (592Kb)
Download file bull_taking_aim_at_green_standard_targets.pdf
Bull IT - Taking Aim at Green Standard Targets (873Kb)
Download file canon_presentation.ppt
Canon Presentation (1.7Mb)
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