Net Zero Carbon Pledge

The EAUC have declared a Climate Emergency.

We are calling for all post-16 education institutions and support bodies in the UK and Ireland to declare a Climate Emergency and to commit to the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation to adopt as a minimum a 2050 net zero emissions target. We will collate the education sectors response to this and send to UK and Ireland Governments to lobby them to act and show the impact and leadership of our sector on this crucial agenda.

We are asking institutions and sector agencies to pledge to net zero emissions. Please contact us to share your pledge.
Institution Name Target Declaration of Climate Emergency
University of Cambridge Net Zero by 2050 (currently considering bringing this date forward).  
University of Glasgow Net Zero by 2050 Yes
Bridgend College Net Zero by 2040 Yes
University of Bristol Net Zero by 2030 Yes
Newcastle University Net Zero by 2040 Yes
Northumbria University BEIS Carbon Pledge  
University of Winchester BEIS Carbon Pledge  
University of Nottingham BEIS Carbon Pledge  
University of Reading BEIS Carbon Pledge  
Manchester Metropolitan University Zero Carbon by 2038  
Bath Spa University Zero Carbon by 2030  
HEFCW Public Sector Carbon Neutral by 2030 Via Welsh Government
The University of Edinburgh Zero Carbon by 2040  
University of Plymouth Zero Carbon (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025 Yes
University of Exeter   Yes
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