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Convenor:  Sandra Heywood-Jones, Sustainability Advisor, The Institute of Cancer Research.

Next Meeting:  Autumn 2024






4th March 2021 Virtual Student's sustainable diets and the pandemic View the event
17th June 2021 Virtual London and the SDGs View the event
7th Oct 2021 Virtual GLA's Local Energy Accelerator (LEA) programme View the event
27th Jan 2022 Virtual Heritage Buildings and Carbon View the event
16th June 2022 University of London Ellen MacArthur Foundation and London Higher View the event
3rd October 2022 Virtual Energy Crisis View the event
31st January 2023 The Institute of Cancer Research Labs tour View the event
18th May 2023 Virtual  Recruitment and international/ national campaigns View the event
5th October 2023 Virtual Data, commitments, travel View the event
8th February 2024 Imperial College London Net Zero View the event
12th June 2024 Virtual Climate Ambassadors Programme View the event

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