Supporting the Regions

The running and administration of EAUC Regional Groups is carried out by the Regional Convenor, assisted by the EAUC Executive Office. The EAUC Member Services Team support EAUC groups to work successfully but rely on engagement from the group. We support EAUC groups in the following ways:

Tools and resources

• We can administer all group events via our online events booking system. The EAUC will upload the relevant event information and provide online booking facilities (free or paid events) via a weblink for group members to book on. We will supply regular delegate updates (including any dietary or access requirements) and event confirmation/update emails. This removes a significant amount of administration from the convenor. The group will be supplied with a form to capture the relevant event information

• We will provide groups with webinar technology to run their own virtual events. They can be recorded and uploaded to the EAUC website after the event for all Members to view. Must be booked in advance and guidance can be provided

• We will provide groups with teleconferencing technology to communicate easily with the group. Must be booked in advance and guidance can be provided 

• We will provide groups with surveying technology to capture group insight. We will provide full results via csv and graphs. Must be booked in advance with appropriate lead times

• We will provide a dedicated group JISCmail email network. In the medium term, each group may have a dedicated Sustainability Exchange forum*. However, users of the forum must be EAUC Members

• We will support the creation of theme driven insight guides and case studies to show the value of the groups to the EAUC Membership and wider via the Sustainability Exchange. We will support the creation of these guides via shared group workspaces and simple templates and place them into professionally designed items

Communications support

• Operation of the groups’ online portal via email networks, EAUC website and Sustainability Exchange* 

• We will promote the group to other EAUC Members where relevant 

• We will offer resources and support to assist the group in recruiting EAUC Members 

• We can offer guidance on efficient and effective ways of communicating as a group and present other services, ideas and opportunities as appropriate. Ad hoc campaigns can be arranged on the group’s behalf 


• We will supply monthly key EAUC messages to the convenors to share as appropriate. This keeps the group up to date on all significant projects and updates for them to feed in as they feel appropriate

• Where possible, EAUC staff will attend group meetings to present recent news, new Member services and developments. Group can also request a speaker from certain EAUC projects such as a LiFE Index workshop

• We will work in tandem with group convenors for the successful delivery using insight obtained from other group practices

• We can provide the group guidance on current themes, projects and topics to be discussed at meetings or by virtual discussion

• We will give the group advanced notification of upcoming or existing EAUC events and projects (where possible)

Future proofing

• We can help identify appropriate sponsors and funding opportunities for the groups from EAUC Company Members who have been vetted for their sustainability credentials


• We will share your group successes to the EAUC Board, the wider Membership in the Annual Report and Member communication channels on your  progress, developments, issues and opportunities

• We will use insight from the groups to develop new Member services that would bring further benefits to the wider Membership 

Terms of reference

• We recommend that all groups create terms of reference (TOR) to focus the thinking and the intended group outcomes. The EAUC can work with the group to create a TOR which reflects the group’s aims and objectives. This will be added to the group’s online portal on the EAUC website for all to view

* We are working towards online forums in the Sustainability Exchange as part of our future development and we will work with the EAUC Groups that would like this feature. 

The Scotland Branch receives specific support under UCCCfS therefore their support package differs slightly from the above.

This support package has been created in consultation with current EAUC group convenors and the Member Advisory Council (MAC) and was launched in February 2013. 

Delivered by EAUC