Supporting the Regions

The running and administration of EAUC Regional Groups is carried out by the Regional Convenor, assisted by the EAUC who support in the following ways:

Tools, communications support, reporting and resources

  • Administration of all group events online, including setting up the Zoom session, recording the meeting and notetaking.
  • Surveys and feedback mechanisms to understand group opinions.
  • A dedicated email network, using Jiscmail, for each group.
  • Administration of the group's portal on the EAUC website.
  • Promotion of the group to other EAUC Members.
  • Guide the group on current affairs, themes, projects and topics.
  • Advanced notification of upcoming or existing EAUC events and projects, where possible.
  • Identifying sponsors and funding opportunities from EAUC Company Members and Partners.
  • Sharing your group's successes to the EAUC Board of Trustees, the Members and on social networking channels.
  • Using insight from you to develop new Member services.


  • All groups should create terms of reference to focus the thinking and the intended group outcomes.
Delivered by EAUC