Regional Convenors

Each Region has a Convenor. Regional Convenors are enthusiastic and have the ability to unite a group. 

Many existing groups operate with one convenor which often works but can leave the group open to long periods of inactivity. We suggest that aspects of the convenor role be delegated. There are also a number of responsibilities for all group members, especially the sourcing of themes, topics, forums, guides, events and general discussion. This is a vital part of the functioning of a group or community and therefore falls on all Members of the group.

Depending on the groups’ capacity, the convenor role may be broken down into a committee under one convenor or shared by joint convenors. It is important that each group has a lead or group of leads to ensure the delivery of key aspects of the group role in the wider EAUC community.

Specific responsibilities for group convenors

• Take responsibility for the content about the group on the appropriate EAUC webpages. This can be used as both ‘shop window’ for potential group Members as well as existing Members to keep up to date. The EAUC will provide a template to facilitate this and upload the information as required

• Ensure the group remains active and continually receiving value from participation

• Identify the need for new Insight Guides and case studies based on the theme of the group for the benefit of all Members. The group will work with the EAUC to create these guides (the EAUC will provide support, templates and shared workspaces). 

• Organisation and running of the group’s webinars, forums and meetings, utilising the Sustainability Exchange to offer dynamic discussion on the relevant group theme to encourage dissemination, sharing and debate

• Sit, or provide a representative from the group, on the EAUC Annual Conference Steering Group to ensure their theme is adequately addressed for the sake of all Members (November to December activity) 

• To make the EAUC aware of any appropriate consultations relevant to the theme of the group and assist in the drafting of consultation responses (year round activity)

• Report group successes and findings on a yearly basis for the EAUC Annual Report (required in February - guidance will be provided) which will be circulated to all EAUC Members. The EAUC will give convenors appropriate lead times for this

• Communicate relevant EAUC key messages to the group and promote important Membership news and offerings in face to face meetings and virtual communications (provided by EAUC when relevant)

• For groups requiring financial support, assist in the identification of potential and appropriate sponsors for their group. If a sponsor is selected, work with the EAUC on the elements of the package and ensure the required actions are delivered 

General duties for the convenor and all group members

• Collection of ad-hoc insight, feedback and opinion from the group in the creation of new Member services 

• Ensure that both the further and higher education sector is appropriately represented within their group

• Highlight regional variations as and when appropriate and report all findings regularly to the Membership Services Manager for use in Member-wide communications

• Promote EAUC Membership to any non-Members and at any groups outside of the EAUC community. There are a number of resources available to support this

• Ideally, each group should have a representative on the Member Advisory Council (MAC)

• Become Ambassadors for the EAUC and promote the EAUC and its work in their presentations and writings and within their institutions and identify opportunities for collaboration with other organisations and individuals.

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