Regional Convenors

Each Region has a Convenor, whose roles are to be enthusiastic leaders that unite their group. Working collaboratively with the EAUC's staff, many groups have just one Convenor, others multiple - having multiple mitigates the risk of long periods of inactivity. Group capacity might cause the Convenor role to be broken down into a committee, under one convenor or shared by joint convenors.

Convenors have responsibilities to their group, including the sourcing of themes, topics, forums, guides, events and stimulating general discussion. This is a vital part of the functioning of a group or community and therefore falls on all Members of the group.

Convenor Responsibilities

  • Choose the content for the group's webpage. The EAUC provides a template to facilitate this and will upload the information.
  • Ensure the group remains active and continually receives value from participation.
  • Identify the need for new resources and case study material, based on the theme of the group but which can benefit all EAUC Members. The group will work with the EAUC to create these guides.
  • Chair the group's webinars, forums and meetings
  • Sit, or provide a representative from the group, on the EAUC Annual Conference Steering Group when called upon by EAUC to do so.
  • Make the EAUC aware of relevant consultations on the theme of the group and assist in the drafting of any consultation response.
  • Report group outcomes, yearly, for the EAUC Annual Report. The EAUC will give convenors appropriate lead times for this.
  • Communicate EAUC's key messages to the group and promote important news and offerings.
  • Assist in the identification of potential and appropriate sponsors for their group. If a sponsor is selected, work with the EAUC to ensure the required actions are delivered.

General duties for all group members

  • Collect ad-hoc insight, feedback and opinion from the group.
  • Ensure that representation of the post-16 sector is appropriately balanced within their group.
  • Promote EAUC Membership to any non-Members
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