Training Opportunities

One of the most important ways EAUC-Scotland supports the Further and Higher Education sector is by providing a comprehensive Networking, Training and Events Programme for staff working towards sustainability.

Our training events are available at very affordable rates, with added discounts for EAUC Members. Find the types of training and events we offer below, and a full list of upcoming events here.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Our Continued Professional Development Programme covers a range of training topics which are chosen by our members to ensure that the most up-to-date and comprehensive training is offered. These sessions allow for peers to exchange ideas and interact with others in their field, and learn skills such as Energy Management, Social Media Communications, Adaptation Planning, and best practice on Behaviour Change.

Our upcoming courses for Spring 2019 are:

*Course available as part of the Accelerator Programme and can be booked and stand-alone sessions or are included as part of the Accelerator package

If you have any requirements or suggestions for additional courses please contact us, and find a full list of upcoming events here.

Training Webinars

We use webinar software to deliver short training sessions to explore topics of interest to the sector, delivered free-of-charge and often in collaboration with sector members and other sustainability organisations.

A full list of upcoming webinars are available on our website here.

Previous webinars of interest:


EAUC-Scotland Training Courses

EAUC-Scotland are developing a range of chargeable training courses for the sector, which could be delivered in-house to groups of attendees from a single institution, or booked on an individual basis. Topics we are exploring include:

  • Climate change and sustainability for professional services staff
  • Embedding sustainability ideas into teaching
  • Applying the Sustainable Development Goals in an FHE setting

If you would be interested in attending or hosting for staff at your institution any of these courses then please get in touch.

We also offer a Support and Advisory Service to develop and run one-off training  sessions and workshops to meet your specific requirements, delivered by EAUC-Scotland staff or one of our partners depending on the specific needs. Contact us for more information.

EAUC-Scotland also support a wide range of Networks to support the sector to share ideas and experience and learn from sector partners on a more informal basis. Read more about our Networks here.

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