Networks and Knowledge Sharing

One of the most important ways EAUC-Scotland supports the Further and Higher Education sector is by providing a comprehensive Networking, Training and Events Programme for staff working towards sustainability.

Topic Support Networks (TSNs)

A Topic Support Network (TSN) is a group of people working together on a specific sustainability subject that is relevant to Scottish colleges and universities. Members of the network can be staff in further and higher education or in public or not-for-profit organisations. TSNs provide opportunities for individuals and institutions to:

  • Share information on best practice and support
  • Identify problems, threats and opportunities for new initiatives
  • Participate in consultation exercises
  • Deliver practical outcomes that will help others in the sector
  • Provide networking opportunities to the sector in Scotland by topic area
  • Provide added value to core EAUC programmes & projects by theme

You can find information on our Topic Support Networks here, and view all upcoming events on our events page

The EAUC UK team run similar groups known as Communities of Practice (COPs), which are open to EAUC Members from all over the UK, including Scotland. Find out more about COPs here.

Regional Networks

Our only current Regional Network, the Edinburgh Regional Network, encompasses sustainability professionals from the local universities and colleges, with representatives from sector-wide and local organisations from the area joining the group as required. The main remit of the network is to identify opportunities for collaboration between institutions, identify common challenges to overcome, and encourage knowledge exchange.

Find out more about the Edinburgh Network here or contact us if you are interested in starting a network in your area.

Smaller Institutions Sustainability Network

The Smaller Institutions group was initiated by sector members as a way to share ideas and best practice around the unique challenges faced by colleges and small universities in Scotland. All identified Smaller Institutions have been approached to select someone to represent their institution on the group.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this network.


Promoting Sustainable Behaviours Sharing Series

This is an informal online sharing opportunity, where people working within further and higher education are invited to meet through our webinar software to share their experiences and questions on specific behavioural topics connected to sustainability. We aim to create an interactive platform, rather than a webinar lecture, where we have microphones and webcams switched on to create an informal platform for debate to flow freely around the topic area with all participants.
We will capture specific tips and trends from this conversation to produce a 'Best Practice Guide’ following each session to document and share the learning. The information in this document will be generalised with no specific references to institutions/participants.

The Sharing Series takes place virtually by webinar on the first Wednesday of every month from 11am-12noon over the 2017-18 academic year. Find out more about the topics to be discussed and sign up to attend here.

We expect all participants to have access to a computer, laptop or phone with microphone and camera in order to fully participate in this event. If this will not be possible, or you need IT support, please let us know in advance on

Engaging Professional Departments with Sustainability Project

There is more information on the project here.


EAUC-Scotland also provide a range of more formal Training Opportunities, which you can find out more about here.

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