Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Reporting

Help with completing the PBCCD Reporting

The deadline for PBCCD Reports for 2022/23 activities will be 30 November 2023


Please visit our Reporting Help Page on the Sustainability Exchange to find links and information about useful resources and tool available to those completing the PBCCD Report.

Keep an eye on the EAUC News Page and EAUC Scotland Newsletters (sent to all educational contacts, find out more about membership here) for more updates on reporting.

Why Report?

Through the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, all Public Sector Bodies have been named ‘major players’. 44 Colleges and Universities in Scotland must now report to Scottish Government through Public Bodies Climate Change Duties (PBCCD) Reporting. These reports are submitted annually in November through the Scottish Government online portal – training, guidance and support is provided by the Sustainable Scotland Network, EAUC Scotland and  other partner organisations.
PBCCD Reporting will:

  • improve the quality of climate change data
  • standardise reporting methodology across the public sector
  • encourage transparency
  • guide future Scottish Government strategic reports, support and policy-making
  • improve engagement with leadership

Background to PBCCD Reporting

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 introduced ambitious targets and legislation to reduce Scotland’s emissions by at least 80% by 2050. The Act additionally placed duties on public bodies relating to climate change.

Further to the Act, the Scottish Government introduced in 2015 an Order requiring all 150 Public Bodies who appear on the Major Player list to submit an annual report to Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN), detailing their compliance with the climate change duties. This includes 44 Scottish Colleges and Universities. 

Climate Change Reporting was initially done voluntarily by Scotland's Universities and Colleges. By signing the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS) and producing a 5-year Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), each institution committed to addressing their own climate activity and reporting on their progress.   

If you have any questions, requests or training needs please get in touch with the EAUC Scotland Office.

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