EAUC Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab is for Senior leaders, established in their careers, usually heads of department or working strategically to embed Sustainability within their organisations.

EAUC Leadership Lab 2024

The 2024 Leadership Lab took place from 12th to 14th March at Westminster College, Cambridge.   With delegates and speakers representing over 25 different institutions, there was a lot to learn, challenge, inspire as well as networking and building resilience alongside new connections.  

If you are interested in joining our cohort in 2025, when we gather again to explore contemporary insights and practices in leadership and change management, please register your interest with us and we will keep you informed of the plans.

This transformational personal and professional development leadership laboratory offers a co-development space where you can build your expertise and confidence as a sustainability leader. Your work in higher education or a related sector will involve collaborative efforts to advance the pursuit of sustainability through purpose-driven leadership.

Chair: Professor Wendy M. Purcell PhD FRSA, Senior Faculty at Rutgers University, Academic Research Scholar, Harvard University and Visiting Professor, University College London, University President Emerita and Emeritus Professor

The course focuses on leaders, and change agents and seeks to support them in their efforts to advance sustainability within and through their own institution that also contributes to delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.  The focus is on personal and professional development to support strategic efforts and team-based execution, emphasizing the critical role of higher education working in partnership to help create a world that leaves no one behind. 

The 2024 Leadership Lab gave delegates the opportunity to work directly with peers to explore complex transformation challenges and create pathways for change that lead to actionable solutions. Case studies from sector leaders focussed on what works and change hacks.  Through delegate trios and pods, participants supported one another to be successful in change project they are personally engaged in that seek to promote sustainability within their institution.  Alongside new insights on leadership theory and practice,  the lab includes reflections from practice with guests speakers sharing their experience. 

If you would like to register your interest for 2025, please email cmotte@eauc.org.uk.

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