Sustainability Leadership Programmes

The Emerging Leaders is for those starting out in a Sustainability Career and wanting to enhance their leadership skills.  The Leadership Lab is for Senior leaders, established in their careers, usually heads of department or working strategically to embed Sustainability within their organisations.

EAUC Leadership Lab 2024

Apply to join us at Cambridge University in 2024, when we gather, to explore contemporary insights and practices in leadership and change management. This transformational personal and professional development leadership laboratory offers a co-development space where you can build your expertise and confidence as a sustainability leader. Your work in higher education or a related sector will involve collaborative efforts to advance the pursuit of sustainability through purpose-driven leadership. More details about the 2024 course are available on the Leadership Lab page.

EAUC Emerging Leaders Programme

Emerging Leaders is currently on hold while we review the materials to ensure they are fit for purpose and up to date with changes in the sector.

This newly refreshed programme delivered online will help equip and revitalise early career sustainability professionals with the essential skills and knowledge they need to deliver change in their organisations. The course is appropriate for any sustainability professional whatever sector or organisation they are working in. More details are available on the Emerging Leaders page.

Delivered by EAUC