Climate Change Action Plans (CCAPs)

Climate Change Action Plans (CCAP) explain how the signatory intends to achieve their goals by the specific target dates. Outlined within these action plans will be SMART targets – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. The CCAP is similar to a Carbon Management Plan (CMP) as it addresses all areas of business operations and activities, including:
• energy consumption and source
• waste reduction, recycling and responsible disposal
• sustainable estate development
• sustainable travel planning
• responsible procurement of goods and services

However a CCAP is more advanced than a CMP by also including information on how the institution is embedding sustainability into curriculum activity.

The UCCCfS CCAP Template can be downloaded here.

Project Register

To aid the target-setting process, signatories may have developed a broad list of potential projects for avoiding or reducing GHG emissions from each of the sources included in their baseline calculation. Evaluation of these projects allows signatories to prioritise them based on the same criteria, therefore enabling early actions to be identified. In many cases, early actions can reduce costs and / or generate savings.

The EAUC's members-only tool 'LiFE' can help with identifying the areas of your CCAP which could be improved.

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