Green Careers Guide

Looking for a job in sustainability, a green career, or an environmental role and would like some support on understanding, finding, and getting such a job?

We have also produced a stand-alone resource for careers and student support staff in FHE, Showing the Path to Green Jobs.

Have a look at our Green Careers Guide!

Free to view and download, the guide takes an inclusive approach to 'green jobs' and explains that these go much beyond windfarms and wellies.

This guide covers:
✔ What green jobs are + examples of roles and current professionals
✔ The benefits of working in a green role
✔ What skills and knowledge you need
✔ How to find a green job and land it

The first page allows you to navigate between different sections - to make it easy to just go to the sections that are most interesting for you.

Find further information and download the guide here.

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