Education for Sustainable Development: Tools, resources and information

Through the integration of sustainable development into all aspects of students' education and learning, we can support individuals to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to make informed decisions on the social, economic, cultural, and environmental problems we face, and empower them to act upon these decisions. Frameworks to support this include Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and, widely used in Scotland, Learning for Sustainability (LfS).

To support your team's response, whether educators or a leadership team, below you will find the most recent, useful and practical resources that EAUC have developed for universities and colleges, many of which include tailored offerings:

Realigning Curricula for the Future
To create collaborative networks of teaching staff who are working to embed ESD into their curriculum, in the same subject across different institutions, through facilitated discussion and presentations.

'A Green Careers Guide: How to find a job that's good for you and the planet'
Published in November 2023, this serves anyone interested in or simply curious about jobs that support efforts to protect, conserve, and enhance our natural environment. These are often referred to as ‘green jobs’.

A Handbook for monitoring and evaluating ESD in higher education
The resource is from a QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project on 'Monitoring and evaluating education for sustainable development in higher education', led by the University of St Andrews and to which EAUC Scotland significantly contributed. The aim of this Handbook is to support a reflective, collaborative approach to monitoring and evaluation to strengthen the quality of ESD in universities.

Previous workshop: ESD competency-building through innovative pedagogies: live practice examples
Held to support the development of the eight ESD competencies proposed by, among others, QAA and UNESCO. The workshop featured videos and clips of innovative pedagogies in action - see more on the Sustainability Exchange here.

Resource Overview on ESD by EAUC Scotland
Published in 2021, this document aims to provide an overview of resources around ESD for university and college staff. 

EAUC Leadership Lab 2024
This transformational personal and professional development programme offers a co-development space where you can build your expertise and confidence as a sustainability leader.

Carbon Literacy Training
Our online Carbon Literacy course is a blended learning experience, with self-study elements alongside 2 half days virtual training, and is relevant climate change learning for everyone

SDG Accord
An initiative to enhance the sector's collective response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), you institution can focus on any and all of the 17 Goals across your organisation.

The Green Gown Awards
  • Tomorrow’s Employees category - this recognises institutions which are taking pioneering and innovative steps to ensure that their leavers are future-fit.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Sustainability category - celebrating the institutions with ongoing commitments to embed equality and inclusion within sustainability practices or impactful initiatives, that push the boundaries and challenge the status quo.
  • Student Engagement category - this reflects that students and staff must work together to achieve goals using “top-down” and “bottom-up grass roots” methods to achieve maximum understanding and engagement across an institution. 

Relevant EAUC Communities or Practice and Topic Support Networks: By joining these network groups, you can connect with peers over relevant and emerging issues, and learn from examples and case studies. This is free for all EAUC members.
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