Realigning Curricula for the Future

We are pleased to announce a new series of events focussing on education for sustainable development in specific subject areas starting March 2022. The 'Realigning Curricula for the Future' series aims to create collaborative networks of teaching staff who are working to embed ESD in their curriculum in the same subject across different institutions through facilitated discussion and presentations. Scroll down for full plan of events. 

EAUC has long recognised the importance of teaching and learning as part of institutions' journey to sustainability - Our Education for Sustainable Development Topic Support Network has been supporting the sector with general ideas around embedding ESD in curricula for 10 years. However, demand has risen for subject specific support around ESD.  This is partly because of developments in guidance for institutions to embed sustainability within all aspects of teaching, such as the college lecturers standards in Scotland and the QAA and Advance HE guidance for ESD, but is also due to demand from students

"Embraces and embeds sustainability in learning and teaching."
- Standard 1.2.5, Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges, 2020

"(QAA) aims to support all students to acquire the skills necessary to develop values and take actions to transition society towards a sustainable future." 
- QAA and advance HE Education for Sustainable Development guidance, March 2021

"84% of students would like to see sustainable development actively incorporated and promoted through all courses"
- SOS-UK Sustainability Skills Survey 2020-21

Some subjects are further on in realigning their curricula with this guidance due to the nature of their existing curriculum but others may need more support to do so. We hope by piloting our ‘Realigning Curricula for the Future’ series we can create a much needed space to share the unique pathways and barriers to embedding ESD in all subjects' curricula.

A survey undertaken by EAUC in November 2021 showed 100% of respondents were interested in subject specific ESD support sessions. Further to this we asked what subjects members would like to see covered in the first run of sessions, and have incorporated the most popular ideas into our programme, which you will find below.

Session Structure
These will be hour long sessions which will occur monthly, focussing on a different subject each month. All sessions will follow a general layout - beginning with case studies of ESD in the relevant subject, an interactive 'quick SDG mapping' activity, and ending with discussion. Following each session we will summarise everything into a guide for ESD in your subject area which will be shared on our Sustainability Exchange

We want you to have ownership over these sessions and as such the agenda for these events will be significantly guided by input from attendees: On booking you will receive a link to a google form where you can indicate if you would like to speak at the event and request questions you would like us to propose to the group around ESD in your subject. 

First series
Based on survey responses and our perception of demand from communication with the sector we propose the following initial sequence of sessions: 
  • Hair and beauty - Wednesday 23rd March, 10am- 11am. Find recording and resources from the session here
  • Law- Wednesday 20th April, 10am- 11am. Find recording and resources from the session here
  • Art and Design - Wednesday 25th May, 10am - 11am
  • Mathematics - Wednesday 22nd June, 10am- 11am
We feel these are varied enough in both content and accessibility to further and higher education staff to engage with a broad range of attendees. Based on the success of these first four sessions we will prepare a second series. To request a future focus subject or to be added to mailing lists for any of the prior subjects please email

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