Sustainability in Higher Education Developers (SHED) Group

The Sustainability in Higher Education Developers (SHED) is a group of people specialised in EfS, or who incorporate sustainability issues into their work. 

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Convenor: Dr Zoe Robinson, Director of Education for Sustainability, at Keele University is the EAUC convenor.


  • Disseminating information about Education for Sustainability in higher/further education
  • Stimulating discussion about the principles behind EfS
  • Holding up a critical lens to the concept of EfS and its alternatives
  • Connecting EfS to wider educational concerns such as leadership and global citizenship
  • Sharing and monitoring strategies for organisational change.

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How to search for previous discussions

Many topics come up regularly on the discussion networks, so here is a straightforward guide on how to search for previous discussions:

  1. Go to then click ‘Subscribers Corner’
  2. Click on the discussion network you would like to search – ‘SHED-share’ is the list for this Discussion Network
  3. The three ‘Latest messages’ are shown in a box near the top of the page -click the message to read the entire post.
  4. To search the list for a particular topic use the 'Search Archive' box on the right-hand side of the screen. Type the keyword/s you want to find out about.
  5. You can further refine your search by adding parameters.

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