Sustainable ICT


Many would ask ‘isn’t ICT green already?’ as it reduces pollution from user practices, such as printing and attending meetings, by facilitating virtual forms of communication such as emails and video conferencing. Unfortunately the picture is more complicated than this - ICT currently accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions, a figure equivalent to global aviation.

Therefore this TSN has been established to look at what ICT Managers, Assistants and Practitioners, within the FHE sector, can do to meet the environmental responsibilities of ICT, whether this is through looking at efficiency or innovation. By reducing institutions environmental impact you will be providing valuable cost savings in the process and increasing your social responsibility.

However it is not only the office environment where ICT energy waste occurs, most data centres are highly inefficient. Whilst data centre managers cannot prevent the inefficiencies in electricity generation and transmission, there is potential to save within the centre and, in some cases, generate green energy locally.

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Contact Information

Convenor for the Sustainable ICT TSN is:

Fraser Muir, University of Edinburgh

email: [email protected]

T: 0131 650 4043

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