Not Too Many Irons in the Fire creative approaches to saving energy (Green Gown Award Webinar)

Date First Broadcast Date 18 November 2015 12:00 - 13:00
Venue Webinar via Webex
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LiFE Framework: Learning and Teaching

Industrial irons are frequently used by students and then left on, wasting up 400 kWh per year. LCF raised awareness of this waste throughout the institution and most effectively, in the classrooms. 

Why should I attend?
In this webinar you will learn about how London College of Fashion successfully engage staff and students from different departments, using creativity and technology to achieve energy savings and other sustainability goals.

Who is this webinar for?
Anyone who is interested in this webinar can attend but those with the following specific roles should find this webinar extremely beneficial:
> Energy managers
> Anyone involved with engaging staff and students in sustainability and biodiversity.

What key learning outcomes will I take away from this webinar?
> How to make specialist high-energy consuming equipment more sustainable and safer
> How to engage staff who aren’t usually involved with sustainability to encourage creative approaches to saving energy and other sustainability initiatives.

> Current context at LCF
> Engaging staff with sustainability and the development of the project
> Rollout of the project
> Questions

Victoria Johnsen, Sustainability Coordinator, London College of Fashion, UAL
Rachel Clowes, Embroidery Technician, London College of Fashion, UAL
Kristina Pulejkova, Multimedia Artist and UAL alumni

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