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The added value of Membership

EAUC Membership has no limit on numbers, so all staff, students and student unions who are actively engaged with sustainability can enjoy the many services and benefits available. Only EAUC Members can take advantage of the Membership benefits listed below - check them out for yourself. By taking full advantage of these benefits, many Members find that they save the costs of their Membership many times over and guarantee their institution value for money.#

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard 

FREE benefit! To better support our Members, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is free for Members to access. At last we have a transformational ‘All in One’ tool which captures data and performance from many sources and builds one definitive picture of your institutions performance. Find out more


Member-wide network - we provide a valuable network between Members in the sector which is not available anywhere else. This helps career development and institutional growth and is at the core of Membership. This network exists physically via our online forum.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can join this network
   ⇒ Students and student unions are not able to join this network

Regional networks - we provide a framework for Members to unite locally to address geographically related pressures.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can join these networks
   ⇒ Students and student unions will have access to certain regional networks

Sector/subject specific events – we provide a range of CPD events and online learning opportunities that offer bespoke sector specific training. This allows you to learn, share and network with sector specific case studies, policies/practices and contacts.
   ⇒ We offer our events to Members with a 33-38% discount on events and 33% on webinars

Communities of Practice - we provide a framework for Members to unite with those with a very specific interest area resulting in efficiencies and deeper application of content.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can join these networks
   ⇒ Students and student unions will have access to certain Communities of Practice

Sector/subject specific Conference - the EAUC Conference is annually solidifies its place as the sustainability event for the higher and further education section. Here, you can learn, share and network with sector specific content and contacts. This really is the networking event of the year!
   ⇒ EAUC Members receive a significant 33% discount on Conference packages
   ⇒ Our Annual Conference offers even more value for Members with exclusive opportunities to additional content, extra discount, multi-buy offers and student Conference packages - find out more


• International presence (lobbying and sharing) - similar membership bodies already exist across the globe and we connect with them to ensure the UK and Ireland has an international voice relating to issues such as the Rio +20 Earth Summit
   ⇒ As a Member you are represented and have an international voice

• Lobbying (consultations, presence on external boards/meetings etc) – we are at the epicentre of high profile groups in the sector such as the HEA, AUDE, AoC and BUFDG, so our Members are always represented.
   ⇒ As a Member you are represented and have voice

• Sector and institutional PR as well as profile raising of our Members - we share and champion your efforts with many national and international bodies thus raising the profile of the sustainability agenda and the excellence within each Member institution.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members benefit from a raised profile both for their institution and by sharing the success of the EAUC as a whole

• EAUC projects such as UCCCFS - our respected position in the sector means we are asked to lead on certain forward-thinking projects. We use them to enhance Member benefits by sharing insight via new techniques, practices and resources.
    ⇒ EAUC Members benefit from the insight and resources resulting from these vital forward-thinking projects


Celebration/recognition (Green Gown Awards) – sustainability professionals have an external outlet to celebrate their individual/team/institutional successes. Delivered by the EAUC, the Awards give Members a platform to build leadership engagement, which is often a huge struggle. The value of the Awards is international, with the Green Gown Awards in Australasia, French speaking Europe & Canada, and globally through our partnership with UNEP. 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members receive a significant discount on event tickets

• Recognising our Member's work in external publications - we work with external partners and publications to ensure our Members are recognised in a more public arena. This offers an opportunity you may not have internally.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members benefit from a raised profile both from their institution and by sharing the success of the EAUC as a whole


• Engagement tools - introduction to sustainabilty elearning module - we bring our Members the tools they need to build internal engagement. This generic 20 minute module can be used as a tool to engage and introduce sustainability to a target audience of staff and students not currently involved in sustainability issues, such as green champions. 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can access this module

Resources to gain knowledge and share – we bring all the expertise and experience from each institution together. This collective knowledge is accessed via the EAUC resource bank offering you hundreds of valuable resources.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can access additional locked resources offering an extra layer of insight and best practice
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members have exclusive, full access to our
international sister organisations' resource banks

Bespoke case studies and insight guides – a key part of the EAUC's role is to ensure that Members benefit from the various projects, boards and groups that we sit on and see increased dissemination of good practice - thus reflecting value added approach to Membership. We develop a range of guides and case studies to share this essential insight with our Members.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can access these bespoke resources

Sustainability Exchange – this is the central point and community for colleges, universities and sector service providers, sharing best practice, knowledge and resources on sustainability – all online. 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members have access to certain resources and can use the portal more cohesively alongside the benefits of Membership

• Sector collaboration – there are plenty of higher and further education specific bodies but we are unique in combining the sectors together. We encourage cross-collaboration. 
   ⇒ No one else in the sector encourages this type of collaboration

• Company links (Green Directory) – we are educating companies to adapt their thinking in terms of sales and targeting via Company Membership, encouraging dialogue and cooperation. No one else does this in the sector. We offer you a directory of EAUC approved Company Members who offer sustainable products for the sector and consultancy.
   ⇒ EAUC Members have access to our Green Directory and case studies from these organisations, where they have worked with similar institutions

Member only offers - our Company Members are keen to share their experience and expertise, and we facilitate this with a little added benefit for you!
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members receive discounts on a number of products and services

Free job advertising - we advertise your sustainability jobs on our website and in our direct Member communication channels to over 6000 relevant professionals for free.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members benefit from this service for free


Legal Spotlights - How do you know when there is an update or if a new piece of legislation comes into force that affects you? Keeping track of the workings of Government can be a laborious task at the best of times, particularly for busy sustainability staff.  Legal Spotlights are provided by Cloud Sustainability. 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members can view these updates to save them time and to help  stay compliant

• Sector/subject news – we create a number of bespoke communications for our Members. This saves time trawling through multiple sources to find one snippet of relevant information. EAUC Members receive free subscriptions to the following EAUC publications:
   • Website news - a constant feed of the latest sector news
   • eNews - our enewsletter keeps your finger on the pulse of all the latest sector and EAUC news, offers, events and resources. 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members receive free subscriptions, keeping them at the forefront of sustainability in the sector

• Bespoke and personalised information – we pride ourselves on catering for the broad spectrum of interests held by our entire Membership, developing targeted communications based on their profile. Our Members have grown significantly over the last five years meaning we now cater for 18 different interest areas! 
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members benefit from a personalised Membership experience, receiving information that is timely and relevant to their needs


• Advice and support – the EAUC provides one to one support in integrating environmental and sustainability good practice in educational institutions.
   ⇒ Only EAUC Members receive friendly, personalised, one to one support

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If you need help securing internal support and/or budget for EAUC Membership, use our Membership value and justification tool. This can be adapted to suit your needs. 

Institutions can join or renew for a two year Membership, or current Members can recommend other institutions for EAUC Membership - both schemes saving 10% on their fee (terms apply). Find out more

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