Membership benefits

EAUC Membership has no limit on numbers, so all staff, students and student unions actively engaged with sustainability can enjoy the many services and benefits on offer.

Only EAUC Members are offered the advantages of the list below

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard 

The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is free for Members to access.


  • Members Network - a valuable and collaborative network which supports Members' career development, knowledge exchange, and institutional growth. At the core of our Member experience, this network exists over the Jisc online forum. Please note that this is Members only, and students and student unions are not eligible to join this network.
  • Regional Networks - Members can locally and regionally meet to address geographically-related issues and topics. Please note that this is Members only, and students and student unions have a limited access to this network.
  • Communities of Practice - Members can unite with those with like-minded experts on specific interest areas to gain a deeper application of content. Please note that this is Members only, and students and student unions have a limited access to the CoPs.
  • EAUC Events – and array of specialist and sector-specific events, both in person and online. Opportunities include online learning, sharing and training, for covering specific case studies, best practice, policies and more. 
  • Conferences - EAUC Conferences include the Annual Conference and the Scotland Conference. These are a core sustainability event for the post-16 education sector, inviting delegates, speakers and sponsors from across our sustainability networks and further afield. Members  receive discount on the conference packages.
  • International presence - similar membership bodies already exist across the globe, so we connect with them to ensure the UK and Ireland has an international voice.
  • Consultations – we network with groups including AUDE, AoC and BUFDG, so that our Members' voices are well represented.
  • Sector and institutional PR - we raise your profile on the national and international scale. Only EAUC Members benefit both for their institution and by sharing the success of the EAUC itself.
  • EAUC Projects - We regularly lead collaborative projects, which operate to promote sustainability, whilst enhancing the Member experience.


  • Celebration (Green Gown Awards) – sustainability professionals have an external outlet to celebrate individual/team/institutional successes. Delivered by the EAUC, the Awards give Members a platform to build leadership engagement, which can otherwise be a struggle. The value of the Awards is international, with the International Green Gown Awards
  • External publications - with external partners and publications, we ensure our Members are seen. Most frequently this is delivered via social media. Only EAUC Members benefit from a raised profile.


  • Company links – our Company Membership packages generate change beyond HE and FE, encouraging dialogue and cooperation between sectors. The Green Directory of EAUC approved Company Members offers Members sustainable products and services. EAUC Members have access to our Green Directory and case studies from these organisations.
  • Job advertising - we advertise your sustainability jobs on the website, as well as in our newsletters and social channels (terms apply). EAUC Members benefit from this service.

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