Financing and Managing Projects for Change

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Summit Chair:

David Beards, Senior Policy Officer, Scottish Funding Council

Summit Contributors:


Large Scale Biomass District Heating at University of St Andrews

David Stutchfield, Sustainability Manager, University of St Andrews
This presentation looked at the drivers for the large scale biomass district heating scheme at University of St Andrews, the justification behind the project, how it was financed, and the problems encountered as the project was rolled out with a 6.5MW biomass boiler, 23km of pipe, and connections to 36 buildings.

Flushed with Success

Pete Smith, Vice Principal, Finance and Resources, Borders College
Robert Hewitt, Facilities Manager, Borders College
Russ Burton, COO, SHARC Energy Systems

A look at how Borders College, SHARC Caledonia and Scottish Water Horizons collaborated to install the UKs first networked heating system derived from Waste Water at Scottish Borders Campus in Galashiels. Understanding how financial, operational, procurement and technical challenges were overcome to provide a unique renewable alternative to the mainstream. 

Cycling Scotland's Internship Programme

Cycling Scotland's Internship Programme allowed employment of 10 Interns across Scotland's Universities and Colleges. This session, introduced by Cycling Scotland's Paul Wright, allowed two of the Interns to share their story - one morning, and one afternoon.

Morning: Orsolya Keri, Campus Cycling Officer, University of Stirling
This session, led by the University of Stirling's Cycling Intern, aimed to demonstrate the various ways in which the University of Stirling is supporting the campus population to choose cycling and other forms of sustainable travel. It also showed the activities and events delivered by the Campus Cycling Officer, the local bike hire scheme and the external links the University has established to make commuting easy and sustainable.

Afternoon: Lara Fahey, Campus Cycling Officer, University of St Andrews
Lara offered an insight into how Transition University St Andrews are supporting the St Andrews community to travel by bicycle. She focused on how their activities, services and facilities for cycling have been developed and funded, now and into the future.

Going Green: Developing Student Run Projects In The Community

David Nicolson, Climate Change Manager, Robert Gordon University Student Association
Discovering how Robert Gordon University Student Association have developed a suite of projects that provide sustainable projects and services to the student and wider geographic community. Discussions on the funding that has been utilised and the outcomes and impacts that have been realised, with a focus on our latest big venture, our Zero Waste Community café. 


Workshop: Find that Budget! Creative Ways to Fund your Project

David Beards, Senior Policy Officer, Scottish Funding Council
How do you take forward sustainability projects when there seems to be no money, and often competing institutional priorities? This session drew on our collective experiences to explore potential sources of funding, and ways of aligning your project objectives with those of partner organisations, and how to approach planning it all.
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