Bringing Youth to COP27

The EAUC knows that the time to step up is urgent ...

We believe that the world is today better placed to grasp the science of climate change, the geopolitics of progress, and the sociocultural diversity that must be respected to achieve sustainable development. The EAUC knows that the time to step up is urgent and that our resources to harness peoples' expertise are in abundance! With our Observer status with the UNFCCC, the EAUC attended COP26 in person; however, in 2022 we are participating differently.

Partnering with SOS-International, we are facilitating the attendance of youth climate advocates to Sharm El-Sheikh. Our delegation is giving young people a voice, who are from underrepresented countries. 

The EAUC was involved at COP26 as Observer badge holders, where we attended as a small delegation with big ambitions. For COP27, we are delighted to again be involved in the process, this time alongside SOS-International, to create an international impact.

We are excited to share that the young people at Sharm El-Sheikh will provide their insights, reflections and updates from the floor in the form of videos, blogs and photos and more. Pay particular attention to the inaugural COP27 Children and Youth Pavilion, where many members of the delegation will be based. Follow the updates on our COP27 page and on our social media.

Alongside, and coinciding with, COP27 are events that EAUC is running and promoting, all relevant to FE and HE.
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