Accelerator Programme

Accelerate and support the development of your new sustainability staff members and interns through our new certified three month programme.


Why Participate?

Three full-day group training sessions will develop:
  • Core skills needed to hit the ground running in a sustainability engagement role – communications, running effective meetings and events, project management
  • Essential knowledge around climate change and sustainability, the global to local policy context, and the tertiary education sector’s role in implementing sustainability and the organisations and systems which exist to support them
  • Knowledge exchange networks with peers
  • Understanding of potential sustainability careers paths
The ongoing individual development meetings and helpline service will lessen the pressure on line managers associated with taking on new and inexperienced sustainability staff and interns.

A programme completion task and certificate will ensure participants gain tangible direct results from participation.

A pre-programme meeting with the line manager will ensure our development lead has a good understanding of the participant’s role and management structure, in order to provide tailored regular development meetings and one-to-one support.

Programme Delivery

The Programme will be delivered over 3 months, with a full day training session each month in central Scotland, fortnightly virtual development meetings, and ad hoc support when required.

Less intensive programme structure available for those in part time roles

Target Audience

Individuals who are either:
  • New to the sustainability sector
  • New to the further and higher education sector
  • New to both sustainability and the further and higher education sector
Job types may include:
  • Interns (ideally 12+ weeks)
  • New sustainability staff members
  • Staff members taking on sustainability responsibilities as part of their role and needing basic training

Practical details

Programme launch: September 2018 (or when minimum viable participant numbers are reached)
Cost per participant for 3 month programme:
  • Institutional turnover > £100m (Tier D EAUC Membership): £1200 + VAT
  • Institutional turnover < £100m (Tiers A-C EAUC Membership): £800 + VAT
  • Ongoing support beyond initial programme: £100 + VAT / month

Contact to register interest and find out more, as either a participant or line manager.
Delivered by EAUC