Climate Commission and Nous Group Climate Action Roadmap for UK FE Colleges

The Climate Action Roadmap for FE Colleges is now available! 

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Latest News 

Three years after the roadmap's launch, AoC and EAUC sought sector-wide feedback last year. The results were valuable, with 95% of respondents advising colleges to use the roadmap primarily for planning, strategy, and achieving net-zero goals. 

The roadmap is a critical tool tailored for the FE sector, serving as a foundational guide for sustainability strategies. It acts as a map, defining objectives, priorities, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Institutions use its structure as a mapping process and benchmarking tool, kicking off their journey to net zero. The roadmap presents a series of measures, actions, goals and expectations specifically for colleges. It includes a variety of tools and resources that can be tailored to institutions at various stages of their sustainability journey while taking into account limited resource availability. 

What is Nous Group? 

Nous Group is an international management consultancy working in the UK, Canada and Australia. Nous supports education, health, government and social care sectors to ensure a better future.

Nous Group advises colleges and universities on designing and implementing strategies to improve their sustainability and environmental impact. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how Nous could support your institution on sustainability, you can find our contact information at or email

What is the initiative? 

The Climate Action for UK FE Colleges Roadmap has been developed in collaboration between Climate Commission and award-winning management consultancy, Nous Group. The Roadmap provides clear actions and guidance on how colleges can respond to the climate emergency and advance sustainability. 

The Climate Commission, in partnership with Association of Colleges provided support webinars to guide colleges through the FE Climate Action Roadmap. These are freely available to watch here - the password for access is Climate21. 

The Roadmap is a key output for the Climate Commission.

In June 2020, a draft of the Roadmap was workshopped with 12 college principals to ensure its relevancy to the sector. It also considers the sector’s varying capacity and experiences in addressing the climate crisis in its outlined actions. 

The Roadmap is designed to be:

  • practical and easy to follow
  • affordable
  • outcome-driven

How has the Climate Commission contributed to this initiative? 

  • Collated resources and existing work in the FE sector to share with Nous
  • Included the roadmap in final Climate Commission outputs
  • Scheduled June workshop and create sub-group of college leaders to take part in the workshop to the sector

How has Nous Group contributed to this initiative? 

  • Reviewed existing sector work and materials
  • Created roadmap
  • Tested roadmap with FE leaders at June workshop

How have colleges contributed to this initiative? 

Colleges have been involved in creating the Roadmap. On June 17th, 12 colleges and student governor, Ebony Clark, (City of Bristol) gathered with Nous Group and the Climate Commission to work through the Roadmap and ensure its relevancy  to colleges. 

Participating colleges include:

Basingstoke College of Technology
Bridgend College
Brooksby Melton College
Cambridge Regional College
Capel Manor College
Dumfries and Galloway College
Dundee and Angus College
Fircroft College
Gloucestershire College
Kingston Maurward College
Portsmouth College
Stockton Riverside College
City of Bristol

Get Involved 

On 16 July 1100-1230, the Climate Commission hosted a Student-Led Discussion with the Further Education Sector to ensure the Commission’s direction speaks to the needs and priorities of the sector. The event had further discussions on how the Roadmap can be used and implemented across UK colleges. View the event here

Media Updates

  • David Russell, CEO of the Education and Training Foundation, highlighted the Roadmap in the organisation's July-August newsletter
  • Association of Colleges' news item on launch of the Roadmap (July 2020)
  • News item in FE Week (July 2020)
  • EAUC news item on launch of the Roadmap (July 2020) 
  • Below is a video of Steve Frampton, President of the Association of Colleges, announcing the launch of the Climate Action Roadmap for FE Colleges (July 2020)
  • TES article (November 2020) - How to become a net-zero college. Includes FE Climate Action Roadmap with examples from Fircroft College, Dumfries & Galloway College & Basingstoke College of Technology.
  • Nous Group' news item at the beginning of the partnership (May 2020)

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