Who is Membership for?

Uniting your institution for a sustainable future

The EAUC supports the tertiary sector to shape its future and to realise its role in helping people acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities for living and working for a sustainable future.

With the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard as a free benefit, our Members have a powerful mechanism to stimulate cross institutional dialogue and inspire and drive change. The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard can be used an engagement tool to bring the institution together to mould what sustainability means for you and give you the direction needed to improve.

Who is Membership for:

► For real economic, social and environmental change we believe that a whole institution approach is needed – which is why Membership is for your whole institution to benefit from

► The diversity of our Member contacts continues to expand with growing numbers of procurement, finance, teaching and management colleagues alongside traditional estates and sustainability professionals. Students and student union staff can also access an institution's Membership, helping staff and students engage on sustainability issues 

►There are no limits to the numbers of your staff and students who can benefit from EAUC membership

► We are a strong collaborator and influencer with UK and Ireland and international sector bodies and strategic partners - we support your senior management through engagement and leadership

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