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University of York intends to cut CO2 by 62.5% by 2020 to meet HEFCE targets for reductions, whilst doubling its campus size.

Capital expenditure using Salix funding
• Voltage optimisation: Installed in the Bioscience building, this is saving ~8% on electricity use/year
• Biomass boiler: estimated CO2 savings 484t by 2015

Encouraging energy efficiency and awareness
• Student Switch off: Our winning hall of residence saved ~14% on its electricity this year
• Green Impact: This is launching in the summer with an aim to encourage teams and whole departments to focus on energy efficiency measures
• Equipment stickers: These are being trialled within Biology and will be expanded to other departments over the next year.

Counting & Cutting Carbon
• CO2 footprint baseline: The University commissioned Stockholm Environment Institute York to produce a carbon footprint report for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. This has been used to support the development of the university’s second Carbon Management Plan

• Sustainable Travel Plan: This provides incentives for cycling and public transport use. These have increased by 74% and 121% respectively since 2003, whilst the volume of University traffic is still at 2003 levels, despite a 40% increase in staff and student numbers.

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