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Company Description

The Carbon Trust are a not-for-profit company providing specialist support to help business and the public sector make efficiency savings and seize opportunities by cutting carbon emissions, saving energy and commercialising low carbon technologies. 

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Sustainability Statement

Since 2001, our technical and strategic support has helped more than 3,000 public sector organisations both in the UK and overseas to cut their energy bills by over £700million, while reducing their carbon emissions by more than 17.5 million tonnes. Pipeline savings that we we’re helping the public sector to achieve total over £2.5bn.

Recent Projects

University of Reading – Carbon Reduction Strategy
The University of Reading is following an ambitious pathway of carbon reduction, having set a challenging emissions reduction target of 45% by July 2020, against a 2008/09 baseline. By July 2014 the University had already achieved a 23% reduction, keeping it on track to meet its 2020 goal.

University of Sheffield - Low carbon behaviour change
The University of Sheffield was one of the participants on the Carbon Trust’s first collaborative low carbon behaviour change programme run in 2012. The programme brought together ten public sector organisations from around the UK, including local authorities, statutory bodies, higher education institutions, and NHS Trusts. Over six months participants each developed a one-to-two year behaviour change campaign designed to deliver cost-effective and sustained energy and carbon saving across their organisation.

North Warwickshire and Hinckley College - Carbon management
Efficient computer room cooling system saves North Warwickshire and Hinckley College £4.1k and 24.1 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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