Sustainability Literacy Test

The “sustainability literacy test” is an international online multiple choice questionnaire of online questions evaluating basic knowledge and understanding of sustainable development issues. Designed for any student enrolled in a higher or further education institution, the test is designed to be used at any level regardless of the type of study pursued and is free to use.

The EAUC is part of the Regional / National Expert Commitee (RNEC) and have been working with universities from across the UK and Ireland alongside colleagues from Business Schools who are members of the UK and Ireland PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Chapter to provide the UK and Ireland specific questions. The test is also supported by a number of United Nations institutions and international academic networks.

It is a useful tool for any university or college that wants to embrace the sustainable development journey.

More information on the test can be found here:


Elyx helps launch the world’s first Sustainability Literacy test at the UN Environment Assembly

Delivered by EAUC