Sustainability Committees Enhancement Project

Developing leadership in Sustainability requires a whole-institutional approach. Sustainability Committees (or equivalent) offer an opportunity for individuals working in different parts of the institution to engage, communicate and take action on sustainability matters, with the support of senior management.
EAUC-Scotland are looking to enhance Sustainability Leadership within Scottish institutions by providing support, guidance and assistance to develop the capacity of university and college Sustainability Committees.
Whether you would like to establish a committee, reinvigorate a dormant committee, or improve an existing committee, the EAUC-Scotland Team have resources to support you.

How it works

  1. Get in touch with EAUC-Scotland to discuss the situation and needs within your institution at
  2. Undertake an optional Committee Audit to assess the current condition of any existing committee
  3. EAUC-S will propose existing available resources and develop further support as appropriate (see below for examples)
  4. On-going support continues through networks and resources

Examples of Available Support



  • Key Stakeholders Framework
  • Facilitated Meetings with other departments (paid)


  • Communications Plan Templates
  • Network Mapping (paid)


  • One-to-one Meeting with SMT
  • Sustainability Training for targeted groups (paid)
  • Committee Terms of Reference template and example Agendas


  • Case Studies from other institutions
  • Example Strategies and Plans
  • Support and Advice Service (paid)


  • Leadership Action Framework
  • Project Mapping (paid)

Get in touch with the Scotland Team to discuss how we can help develop your Sustainability Committee.
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