Green.Building.Solutions. - Vienna

Date 13 July 2024 09:00 - 4 August 2024 17:00
Venue Vienna
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UK and Irish students invited to Green.Building.Solutions. in Vienna

Applications are open for The Green.Building.Solutions.(GBS) summer university for students looking to develop world-leading insight into sustainable construction and passive house design.

This summer, students in architecture, planning and the built environment will head to Vienna to undertake the three-week programme - now in its 14th year - to acquire expertise and collaborate in an international setting.

They will receive first class teaching from notable academic and industry leaders in sustainable construction, and also take time to live in and explore Vienna.

GBS covers nine modules, including Global Challenges and the Role of Buildings, Historical Development of Green Building Design, Quality of Life In and Around Buildings, as well as Socially Inclusive and Accessible Urban Spaces.

The Circular Economy in the Building Sector, Energy Concepts and Technologies, Software Toolbox and Modelling Simulation, and the Economy of Sustainable Buildings are also included, covering the latest developments in the field and enabling students to immerse themselves in simulating energy demand and its optimisation.

GBS concludes with a project, with the final module dedicated to group design work, taking in everything learnt in modules one to eight and applying it to a real-life case study.

For full details and how to apply, click here.
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