Collaboration, betrayal & international ‘agreements': the SDG Summit Game

Date 24 June 2024 15:00 - 17:00
Venue University of Winchester
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As part of this year's annual conference celebrations we have organised some Free Fringe Events the day before the conference starts.  Places are limited so please book your place below.

The SDG Summit Game
is an opportunity for you to join us for two hours of SDG game playing involving international debate, collaboration, betrayal, multi-lateral political agreements, power-plays, sabotage, and ‘cooperation’ for a globally sustainable future!

The SDG summit is a global sustainability negotiation & collaboration game designed to get participants to think more deeply about each of, and the whole package of, the SDGs through the lens of different parts of the world, and the challenges for the people who live there.  You will be allocated teams to represent 'blocs of nations' or a single large nation.  In your team you will have to agree on the SDGs that matter most to the people (and political leaders) of your part of the world. You will have to negotiate with the other blocs to reach agreement on what SDGs should be prioritised in a scenario where the international community will only support a limited number of goals.  That’s the easy part! The greater challenge is just what SDGs are YOU prepared to sacrifice?

This sustainability game will be run by Professor Simon Kemp of the University of Southampton.  Simon has run this game over 100 times since 2013 with delegates from the ages of 15 to 70, across a number of countries in various universities, conferences, professional bodies, and even in the pub!

A great way to warm up and network before the conference even starts!

The SDG Summit Game - Free Conference Delegate Place

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