How to reduce energy bills and improve college estates with Salix interest-free finance

Date First Broadcast Date 17 October 2019 13:00 - 14:00
Venue Virtual
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The Salix ‘Love our Colleges’ webinar is aiming to support colleges in England and Wales with their energy efficiency projects, resulting in a wide range of benefits including significant financial savings.

Sinead Desmond and Joan Dayap will be sharing how Salix interest-free finance can contribute to strategic energy management and the reduction of costs through the improved efficiency of estates throughout England and Wales. Taking you through the types of projects and technologies available, examples of the potential financial savings and best practice from current Salix clients, our team can support colleges to utilise Salix funding.  
Sinead has been part of the Salix team for over two years, specialising in the higher and further education sector as Programme Coordinator. She has worked with a variety of clients with a range of projects and technology types to support their Salix applications. Skilled in customer relations, Joan has recently joined Salix and is eager to engage with the college sector on energy efficiency.
The recording of this webinar is now available here

A range of funding opportunities for Scotland-based institutions can be found here.

How to reduce energy bills and improve college estates with Salix interest-free finance

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