Ireland Branch Meeting

Date 18 July 2019 10:30 - 14:30
Venue B106, School of Computer Science,University College Dublin


  • Overview of sustainability developments by each member on their campus over the past year
  •        - Successes
  •        - Feedback
  • Future initiatives on each campus
  • Any national or international issues/topics that EAUC Ireland needs to address or could highlight
  • EAUC Update
  • Forthcoming nationally or internationally funded programmes in which we could participate
  • Suggestions for a collaborative Sustainability Week by EAUC Ireland consisting of evening talks, presentations and debates running concurrently in all member institutes
  • " Plant a Million Trees" Global student project. A global student project for colleges/universities to have a day where student can volunteer to plant trees
  • Roundtable discussion

We encourage attendance in person but dial in options will be available for those who can not travel.  Please contact Claire Mitchell (EAUC) for details.

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